The Egyptian Organization condemns the attack on the TAHRIR channel crew

February 22nd, 2014 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) strongly condemns the attack, against the TAHRIR channel on Friday, 21 \ 2 \ 2014, by some of the Muslim Brotherhood demonstrators who torched the channel’s car, in a gross violation of the expression freedom and the right to information exchange.

In a promoted Brotherhood march on Friday, February 21at Al-aHram Street, Giza, the participants cut the road off, torched the channel’s car and attacked the TAHRIR channel team.

EOHR reckon the vital role of media in establishing the rules, principles of democracy and good governance. So its work shouldn’t be affected in any way to achieve its mission by expressing opinions and information to empower people.

EOHR calls for the commitment of peaceful demonstrations, with no violence whatsoever to preserve the human right to life also to protect the public and private property.

Mr Hafez Abu Seada, president of EOHR, criticized this attack, stating that “the media is one of the pulpits of freedom of opinion that revealing the facts to the public opinion should not be compromised”. Also, an atmosphere of freedom and protection of journalists, media workers and premises should be provided.

EOHR calls for an urgent investigation and perpetrators apprehend on this attack to be presented to the public opinion. Also, providing formal guarantees to protect all media workers from such assault attempts which preventing them from performing their mission.


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