The Egyptian Organization condemns Mostorod terrorist incident

March 15th, 2014 by Editor

EOHR expressed deep concern over the terrorist attack which targeted a military unit, Ismailia Canal area, describes these acts as a heinous crime and terrorism act. 

A group of hooded had carried out this attack by shooting an intensive fire shots towards the of military unit soldiers. What led to the death of six soldiers in flagrant violation of the right to life, which is worldwide recognized as one of the most important human rights.

The organization asserts that use of political Islamic groups for systematic violence in the early nineties against political and security leaders didn’t achieve their aims at all. Therefore, the return of their supporters with the same violence again is an evidence of their ideological bankruptcy and their incapable programs. So, their resort to violence will lead to inevitably failure.

EOHR considers that the use of Islamic groups to violence through bombed cars, assassinations and the attack on the security and armed forces is a throwback to the terrorism era that occurred at the end of the last century.

In this regard, EOHR express its concern that this option will lead to security control policy in the Egyptian state. Sacrificing with more rights and public freedoms that the Egyptians have struggled to get on the twenty-fifth of January revolution of and completed the march on 30 of June revolution.

EOHR calls for an urgent and immediate investigation from the Egyptian government in this incident, to bring the perpetrators before justice, not only that, but the masterminds and funded for such bombings, which seeks to hit the Egyptian national security and to ensure a fair trial for them.


On his side Mr Hafez Abu Saada, The president of the Organization, asserts that such terrorist acts are extremely dangerous and threaten human rights and freedoms.  Since it carries a message from radical groups of the return of violence policy, which means that they did not learn from history: Terrorism do not drop any regime and was not conducive to democratization. Abu Se’da ensures the need for concerted efforts of all civil society forces, political forces and the community to stand up against terrorism, which is trying to destroy human rights and State actors.






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