The Egyptian Organization condemns the explosions took place in front of the Faculty of Engineering

April 2nd, 2014 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights strongly condemns the explosions that took place in front of the Faculty of engineeringon Wednesday 2/4/2014. Three bombs exploded and the fourth has been defused, in front of Cairo University in El Nhada square, killing one person, and injured some  people, as it confirmed the killing of Colonel Tariq Almarjawi, Chief of Detectives sector west of Giza. Also security sources confirmed the injury, Major General Abdul Rauf Sirefi, deputy director of the Cairo Security.

These explosions were caused by improvised explosive devices “(IEDs)”, which used high explosive materials and were planted in trees near the point of security in charge of securing the Faculty of Engineering, located outside the Colleges of the University of Cairo.

EOHR asserts that the acts of bombing, murder, intimidation and terrorism practiced by the armed groups form a threat to the human rights system, and especially the right to life, liberty and security of person. Especially since these groups have recently tended to target places of different groupings, including the Egyptian universities.

EOHR condolences the relatives of the martyr, who was assassinated by terrorism and who gave his soul for the sake of duty to protect the homeland. In addition the EOHR calls the police and the army to take caution and to address firmly and decisively to any threat to the rights of citizens and to work to hold the perpetrators of these crimes to justice to punish them according to the law.

On his side Mr Hafez Abu Saada, the President of the Organization condemned this operation, describing it as a criminal fact that target innocent lives. This terrorism must be eradicated and prosecuted. In order to do this all systems should collaborate to enable real protection for the life of the Egyptians by terrorism.

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