Presidential Elections Observation Findings Forth Report

May 26th, 2014 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) continues to monitor the Presidential Elections and issues its second statement detailing all violations observed by EOHR until 6.00 PM..

Influencing the voters’ choice


Sharkiyah Governorate:

In Polling Station (PS) no. 79 of the Religious Institute in Shobak village, Zagazig; voters were instructed to vote for the Presidential Candidate Hamdeen El Sabbahy.


Damietta Governorate

Three Muslim Brotherhood were arrested as they attempted to organize a protest in front of Othman Ibn Affan School, next to Damietta Stadium.


Fayoum Governorate

–    Four Muslim Brotherhood supporters have been arrested as they were instructing people to boycott the elections in front of Sanhour village, Snorous, Fayoum.

–    A group of Al Nour party members were dismissed from Othman Ben Affan School, for instructing voters to vote in favor of the Presidential Candidate Hamdeen Sabbahy although they were wearing badges with Sisi pictures on it.


Witnesses and Candidate agents prevented from accessing the polling stations:


Daqahliyah Governorate

–    Sabbahy’s campaign filed a report no. 12 dated today at Belqas Police Station, Zayan Village against an Armed Forces officer deployed at Zayan Primary School indicating that the officer assaulted Saleh El-Said Mohamed, a poll watcher from the Presidential Candidate Hamdeen El Sabbahy Campaign and tore up his power of attorney because the poll watcher drew the officer’s attention to the presence of some individuals hanging posters for the presidential candidate Abdel-Fatah Al-Sisi.

–    Sabbay’s agent was not allowed into PS no. 8, Dekernes although he had a power of attorney on him.

–     Sabbahy’s agent was dismissed from a PS in Demshelt village.


Alexandria Governorate

Suzan Heidar, ECME Witness was banned from accessing the polling station no. 35 of Al Orwa Al Wothqa School, Gwaher st., Al Hadar Al Qebliyah. She was further referred to the prosecution.


North Sinai Governorate

ECME was banned from accessing polling stations in Fatima Al Zahraa School, Al Arish.


Violence and Thuggery

Daqahliyah Governorate

Some voters assaulted Sabbahy’s poll agent in PS no. 17 and 18, Kafr Nugair Primary School, Sherbeen. Security forces did not intervene.


Al-Minya Governorate

An IED was thrown at PS no. 6 in The Religious Institute, Samalout. The Muslim Brotherhood leader who threw the IED named Abou Bakr Khairy has been arrested and search is undergoing for the second accused Ahmed Mohamed Maarouf.

Fayoum Governorate:

  • Unknown assailant riding a motorcycle in front of Khadr Al-Basil School, Etsa District opened fire from an automatic rifle on the voters and fled.  Police forces chased after him. No causalities were reported.

Minufiyah Governorate

  • A voter accused Mamdouh Abdulqawi Sharaf, a Muslim Brotherhood member, Tita Wighamree Village, Minouf District, of stabbing him with a knife in front of his PS because the former has voted for the presidential candidate Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi. A report was filed to that effect under no.  20106 – Misdemeanor, Minouf District.

Violations inside and outside PSs

Dakahliyah Governorate

  • PS no. 9, Fakhr Dakahliyah was closed for more than half an hour without giving reasons.
  • No voter lists are posted outside the PSs of Ahmed Hasan Al-Zayat School, Talkha District.

Gharbiyah Governorate

  • Phosphoric ink is not used in the PS of Al-Ma’had Al-Diny Al-Azhary School, Fina Area.

Al-Minyah Governorate

  • In PS no. 6, the Secondary School for Girls, voters do not dip their fingers in the phosphoric ink.

Ismailia Governorate

  • In PS no. 128, Experimental School 24 October, the name of Ms. Atiyat  was found in voter lists under number 2174 although she died 7 years ago.

Cairo governorate

Despite its availability, the phosphoric ink is not used in PS no. 6, Moustafa Kamel Preparatory School, Al-Zawyah Al-Hamrah Area.

Aswan Governorate

  • No voter lists are posted outside the PS of Al-Aqad Secondary School; and some voters are instructing each other inside the PS where there were above 10 persons at once.
  • In PS no. 2, Al-Imam Aly School, voters are voting in public rather than behind the curtains.

Campaigning Activities

Mansoura Governorate

  • Campaigning activities supporting Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi in front of the PS of Eastern Educational Department, Mansoura.

Gharbiyah Governorate

  • Supporters of Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi are organizing car marches with speakers and microphones and calling on people to vote in favor of him in front of Al-Ma’had Al-Diny Al-Azhary School, Fina Area.

Dakahliyah Governorate

  • Agents of Hamdeen Sabahy have filed a report no. 548/2014, Dikirns Area because pictures of Al-Sisi were posted and songs were played in front of PSs no. 1 and 2, Aly Mubarak Secondary School.

Ismailia Governorate

  • Children are dressed in t-shirts bearing the pictures of Al-Sisi in front of PS no. 8, the Health Department, Al-Saba’ Banat.

Aswan Governorate

  • Pictures of Al-Sisi are posted outside the PS no. 2, Al-Imam Aly School.

Group Transportation

Al-Minya Governorate

  • In front of PSs no. 71 and 72, Talah Preparatory School, a bus and a microbus belonging to the Future of a Country Campaign, bearing the banner (Elect Al-Sisi … for free transportation). License plates no. 6542 noon seen alif, and microbus no. 7916 noon raa alif respectively.


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