Presidential Elections Observation Findings Third Report

May 26th, 2014 by Editor

The Egyptian Coalition for Monitoring of Elections (ECME) continues, today Monday 26th May 2014, to witness the Presidential Elections and issues its third statement detailing all violations observed by ECME until 3:00PM.


Non-Resident Voters

ECME has received several complaints from voters who failed to pre-register in the Notary Office as they had to leave their hometowns on the election days only without prior knowledge of their departure.


Campaigning Activities


Damietta Governorate

Sisi supporters wearing T.Shirts with the candidate picture on them are present inside polling station (PS) no. 19, the Boys’ Prep School, Kafr Saad Imam.


Al-Minya Governorate

–    PS no. 24 in Al-Minya Prep School for Boys  – Speakers are present inside the school and pro-Sisi songs are played. A heated discussion took place between Sabbahy’s poll watcher and the judge regarding those speakers.

–    Campaigning activities were present in front of Qassism Amin Secondary School for Boys, Abou Qorqas. A report was filed under number 3241 Administrative by Hamdeen Sabbahy’s poll watcher, Alaa Muhammed Moussa in this regard.

–    The Future of A Country Mostaqbal Watan Campaign members were present on the playground of the Boys’ Prep School, Samalout, near PS no. 92. They were holding posters of the Presidential Candidate Abdel-Fatah Al Sisi.

–     Supporters of the Candidate Abdel-Fatah Al-Sisi were present in front of PS no. 8, Nazlet El-Badrman Prep School, Deir Mawwas. They were instructing voters to vote for their candidate.

–    Sisi’s campaigning materials were present inside and outside PS no. 66, 67, 68 and 69, Quesna Schools Complex, Samalout.

–    Sisi’s campaign posters were found inside PS no. 9, Om El Abtal Primary School, Abou Qorqas.


Al Sharkiyah Governorate

–    A Notary Office Employee is present in PS no. 1, Abou Bakr El Seddik School of Salhiyah campaigning for Hamdeen El Sabbahy.


North Sinai Governorate


– Strong presence for The Future of a Country campaign inside the polling stations of the Boy’s Prep School, the Girls’ Prep School and Fatima El Zahraa School. Al Nour Party members are standing in front of the school gates carrying banners supporting the Presidential Candidate Abdel-Fatah Al-Sisi.


Alexandria Governorate

– On the playground of Mohamed Karim School for Boys and Girls, Somouha, a group of women are carrying a picture of the Presidential Candidate Abdel-Fatah Al-Sisi.


Al Gharbiyah Governorate

– A human chain was staged by the supporters of the Candidate Abdel-Fatah Al-Sisi in front of the Commercial School for Girls, Mahalla. They were wearing T.shirts carrying the candidate’s picture.



Influencing Voter’s Choice


Alexandria Governorate

The Judge in PS no. 35 of Al Orwa Al Wusta, Bab Sharq, instructed voters to vote for Hamdeen El Sabbahy.

Cairo Governorate


Voters were instructed by a supporter of the Presidential Candidate Abdel-Fatah Al-Sisi in PS no. 26, Al Nasr Primary School, Az-Zawya Al Hamra.


Beni Suef Governorate

  • In PS no. 23, Fidment Al-Jabil Preparatory School, Ihnasia District, a female polling staff has voted instead of citizens

Damietta Governorate

  • In the Primary School for Boys, Kafr Sa’d District, a lady holding a general power-of-attorney for the candidate Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi is instructing voters in favor of Al-Sisi.

Violations inside and outside PSs

Al-Minufiyah Governorate

  • In PS no. 4, Al-Masa’y Al-Mashkourah School, Quasna District, a judge is taking the ballots papers from the voters and instructing them to vote in favor of the candidate Hamdeen Sabahy.

Al-Minya Governorate

  • Absence of voters’ lists inside PSs no. 92 and 93, the Primary School for Boys, Samalout District, although they have previously voted in these PSs.
  • No voters’ lists are posted on the wall outside PS no. 20, Awalad Mourgan Preparatory School.
  • Phosphoric ink  is not used despite its availability inside PS no. 18, Al-Minyah Al-Jadidah Secondary School for Girls
  • Absence of staff accompanying the judge insdie PS no. 92, the Primary School for Boys, Samalout District.

Cairo Governorate

  • The Phosphoric ink is not used despite its availability inside PS no. 25, Al-Nasr Preparatory School, Al-Zawiyah Al-Hamrah Area.

Suez Governorate

  • The phosphoric ink  is not despite its availability inside PS no. 18, 10th of Ramadan School, Al-Arbaeen Area.

Damietta Governorate

Absence of curtains in the following PSs:

  • PS no. 42, Misbah Zahran School, Al-Atwy Area, Farsko District
  • PS no. 41, Abu Al-Fadl, Al-Atwy Area, Farsko District
  • PS no. 2, Al-Fawabeen Primary School, Farsko District
  • PS no. 4, Mahir Ridah Secondary School, Al-Fawabeen Area, Farsko District
  • PSs no. 43 and 44, Amin Ghaly Primary School
  • PS no. 45, Al-Nagareen Preparatory School, Farsko District
  • PS no. 46, Kamal Mohammad Tahir Preparatory School, Al-Salmiyah District
  • PS no. 1, Dr. Shawky Diad, Awlad Hamam Area, Farsko District
  • PS no.  45, Al-Shaheed Radwan, Al-Basartah Area, Damietta City
  • PS no. 49, Abubaker Al-Siddek School, Al-Basartah Area, Damietta City
  • PSs no. 37 and 38
  • PS no. 37 and 38, Al-Shaheed Fady Mountasir, Izbit Al-Nahdah Area, Damietta City
  • PS no. 3, Al-Shaheed Atif Salamah, Farsko District

No Special Polling Stations/absence of accessibility for the Elderly and Persons with Special Needs

Cairo Governorate

  • In PSs no. 59 and 60, Al-Obour Primary School for Boys, Nasr City, most of voters are old persons who could not go upstairs to the 3rd floor although some judges at the same school send their agents, or went downstairs themselves to them.

Violence and Thuggery

Al-Minya Governorate

  • Some Muslim Brotherhood members have used fireworks in Al-Jumhoriyah St., Maghagha District to intimidate voters and interrupt the electoral process. Armed forces managed to disband the group.

Al-Gharbiyah Governorate

  • A concrete bomb exploded in Dimro Village, Al-Mahalah District, in front of Al-Sadat School, no reported casualties.  Unknown assailants threw it from a blue car with no license plates.

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