Presidential Elections Observation Findings Seventh Report

May 27th, 2014 by Editor

As the second voting day begins, ECME continues to monitor the Presidential Elections; the second milestone of the Roadmap. Two candidates are competing; Abdel-Fatah Al-Sisi and Hamdeen Al-Sabbahy The first elections day witnessed a number of violations including delayed opening of the polling stations, banning observers from accessing polling stations, group vote and campaigning activities. ECME observes the violations committed during the electoral process.


ECME’s first statement for Day Two, Tuesday 27th May 2014, of the Presidential Elections details all violations observed until 01:00 PM.


Influencing Voters’ Choice


Al-Minya Governorate

Supporters of the so-called the Pro-Legitimacy Alliance attempted to prevent voters from accessing the polling station (PS) no. 11 in the Modern Primary School, Bani Emran, Deir Mawas. They chanted phrases like “Don’t vote for Blood” in addition to other religious slogans.


Violations inside and outside the Poling Stations


Al-Minya Governorate

–    The phosphoric ink was not used in PS no. 10, Osama Ben Zayd, Kafr Khouzam, Deir Mawas district.

–    Policemen accessed PS no. 17, the Old Prep School, Malawy carrying his gun.

–    Voters’ names were not found on the voters’ lists of the Old Prep School, Malawy, although they voted in the same school last time.


Assiout Governorate

After casting their votes, voters did not dip their fingers in the phosphoric ink in PS no. 9, Al Qosiyah Secondary School for Boys.


Luxor Governorate

There is staff shortage in PS no. 2, Al Qaranah Prep School which led to slowing down the electoral process.


Campaigning Activities


Al-Minya Governorate


The Future of A Country Campaign Mostakbal Watan (supporting the candidate Abdel-Fatah Al-Sisi) distributed small flags and posters of the Presidential Candidate Abdel-Fatah Al-Sisi in front of PS> no. 18 in the Military Secondary School for Boys, Malawy.


Sharkiyah Govenrorate


A bus carrying stickers for the Presidential Candidate Abdel-Fatah Al-Sisi –  license plates 150029 Sharkiyah – parked in front of Al Sabbagh Primary School, Al-akhewa, Al Husseineyah district.


Daqahliyah Governorate

Campaigning activities are conducted in front of the polling stations in Belqas, Al Mahfouza and Samhiyah villages. There is someone with a microphone calling upon voters to vote for Sisi.


Luxor Governorate

The Future of A Country Campaign members wrote the names of voters on pieces of paper with the picture of the Presidential Candidate Abdel-Fatah Al-Sisi on them as some form of campaigning in front of PS no. 1, Al Wehda School, El Zeineyah Qebly.


Al Gharbiyah Governorate

Posters calling people to vote for Sisi are found in front of PSs located in the Department of Irrigation, Mahalla II and in front of the Industrial School, Mahalla El Kobra.


Group Transportation of Voters

Sharkiyah Governorate

  • Pickup truck no. (9541 – Sharkiyah) and car no. (9423 – Sharkiyah) are transporting citizens to PS no. 10, Al-Gamaliyah Primary School, Al-Husaniyah District to vote for Al-Sisi.
  • Microbus no. (50849 raa geen haa) is transporting citizens to PS no. 44, Al-Sabagh Preparatory School, Al-Husaniyah District to vote for Al-Sisi.
  • Bus no. (150005) and car no. (1369 dal taa raa) are transporting citizens to the PS of Awlad Mar’i Preparatory School, Al-Husaniyah District to vote for Al-Sisi.
  • Microbus no. (6327 geem haa raa) is transporting citizens to Al-Okhwah Primary School, Al-Husaniyah District to vote for Al-Sisi.

Al-Minya Governorate

  • Al-Nour Party is mobilizing the voters in front of PS no. 5 and 6, the Religious Institute, Samalout District using microbus no. (40684 – Al-Minya) that carries the picture of Al-Sisi.

Violence and Thuggery

Beni Suef Governorate

  • The National Alliance for the Support of Legitimacy organized a march in Biba District, including women and children carrying Rabaa (Rab4a) logo and harassing citizens, which led to obstruction of traffic on Tinta-Biba Road. The march chanted (No Sisi … No Sabbahy).

North Sinai Governorate

  • Unknown shooters opened fire in front of Fatima Al-Jahraa School, Al-Arish City.

Al-Fayoum Governorate

  • An IED was defused at the Health Unit, Matritas Village.

Cairo Governorate

  • An IED exploded in Al-Hamam St., Heliopolis.

Al-Minya Governorate

  • Altercation between a PS head and security officers in PS no. 86, Al-Ta’leem Al-Asasy School, Dakouf Village, Samalout District, as the former insulted the voters for their slow voting.

Vote Buy

Al-Minya Governorate

  • In front of PS no. 5 and 6, the Religious Institute, Samalout District, the former National Democratic Party parliamentary candidate Mr. Aly Al-Kayal was giving the voters mineral water and meals to vote for Al-Sisi.

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