Presidential Elections Observation Findings Sixth Report

May 27th, 2014 by Editor

As the second voting day begins, ECME continues to monitor the Presidential Elections; the second milestone of the Roadmap. The first elections day witnessed a number of violations including delayed opening of the polling stations, banning observers from accessing polling stations, group vote and campaigning activities. ECME observes the violations committed during the electoral process.


ECME indicators for Day One of the Presidential Elections show low turnout generally amounting to 15% according to the random sample. It is noteworthy that TV stations launched campaigns to get out the vote (GOTV). Hence, the Prime Minister issued a decree that today is an official day off so that citizens can participate in the elections.


ECME’s first statement for Day Two, Tuesday 27th May 2014, of the Presidential Elections details all violations observed until 11:00 AM.


Late opening of polling stations


Sharkiyah Governorate

–    Polling Station (PS) no. 80 opened at 9:45 AM in the Prep School of Alberon, Fakous, Sharkiyah.

–    PS no. 34 in Abou Radwan Primary School, Fakous, opened at 9:30 AM.


Luxor Governorate

–    PS no. 51 in the Primary School for Boys and Girls opened at 9:20 AM.


Al-Gharbiyah Governorate

–    PSs no. 90 and 73, Shubra Babel, Mahalla opened at 9:45 AM.

–    PS no. 2 in Meshla School was opened at 10:30 AM


Assiout Governorate

–    PSs no. 1 and 2 in Mahran Khallaf Prep School for Girls, opened at 9:15 AM.

–    PS no. 47 in Om El Mo’meneen Prep School for Girls, Mata’nah, Isna opened at 10:00 AM due to the late arrival of the PS Chief Judge.

Witnesses and Candidate agents prevented from accessing the polling stations:

The Head of PS. 61 in Adeeb Wahba Prep School, Abou Qorqas Al Balad, prevented all poll agents of Hamdeen Sabbahy’s campaign from accessing the polling station. They tried to file a report to this effect at Abou Qorqas Police Station but the police station Chief refused.


Violations inside and outside the Polling Stations

Cairo Governorate

  • Twenty minutes early opening of PSs no. 25 and 26, Al-Manial Primary School.
  • The head of PS no. 39, Hadaik Al-Ma’ady Al-Qawmiyah School did not check the ID cards of the voters and left the voter lists and  the phosphoric ink to the polling staff.

Al-Minya Governorate

  • In PS no. 16, Naser Preparatory School, Minya City, the ballot box did not carry the PS number.

Group Transportation of Voters

Sharkiyah Governorate

  • In front of PS no. 47, the Preparatory School, Al-Samakiyah Area, Al-Husayniyah Ditrict, many tok toks transported the citizens to vote for Al-Sisi.

Bihira Governorate

  • A microbus belonging to Al-Nour Party transported citizens to the PS of the Health Unit, Al-Arba’ Izab Area and covered its license plate with the picture of Al-Sisi.

Campaigning Activities

Sharkiyah Governorate

  • A speaker saying (vote and participate … we are all one hand) in front of the Primary School 1, Al-Husayniyah Ditrict.
  • A tok tok in front of Al-Husayniyah Secondary School for Girls carrying a speaker playing “Tislam Al-Ayady” Song.
  • A car with license plate no. raa dal taa 3529 calls  on citizens to participate in the elections and playing “Tislam Al-Ayady” Song in front of Awlad Mar’y Preparatory School and Al-Husayniyah School.

Gharbiyah Governorate

  • Large banners supporting Al-Sisi are posted on the walls of the Religious Institute, Al-Mo’tamidiyah Village, Kafr Diminto Area, Al-Nahla District.


Some supporters of Al-Sisi are carrying posters and calling upon citizens to vote for Al-Sisi in front of the following PSs:

  • PS no. 6, the Secondary School for Girls, Malawy District
  • PSs no. 66, 67, 68, and 69, the School Complex, Qlousona Area, Samalout District.
  • PS no. 8, Nazlat Al-Badrman Primary School, Deer Mouas District.
  • PS no. 24, Al-Minya Primary School for Boys.

Cairo Governorate

  • Al-Sisi campaign drove a convertible car through the streets of Nasr City, calling upon citizens to vote for Al-Sisi using speakers and playing “Tislam Al-Ayady” and “Boushrit Khir” Songs.

Daqahliyah Governorate

In front of the Religious Institute and the Eastern Educational Department, Mansoura City, cars using speakers to call upon citizens for voting for Al-Sisi.

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