Presidential election monitoring outcomes 2014 Report 10

May 28th, 2014 by Editor

The Egyptian Coalition for Monitoring of Elections (ECME) continues, Wednesday 28thof May 2014, to witness the Presidential Elections and issues its tenth statement detailing all violations observed by ECME in the third day of the voting after the Presidential election committee has extended voting for one more day.


Late opening of Polling Stations (PSs):

Al Sharkiyah Governorate:

  • Polling stations didn’t open till 9:30 am in Khatara preparatory school, Fakos center.


Alexandria governorate:

  • Polling stations didn’t open till at 9:30 in Sawahel preparatory boys school, Gamarek center as the chief of the polling station was late.

Ismailia governorate:

  • late opening in Damara youth center library PS. till 9:30.
  • PS  Fanara ( lighthouse) Elomada primary school
  • PS 9,ShiekhAttieya school.
  • PS 23, Makhatra preparatory school.
  • PS. 10, Serambium preparatory school.

Assuitgovernorate :

  • PS EzzbetMourad primary school in Arab Fezaza village, Quosia opened at 9:20

Minya Governorate:

  • PSs 11,12 in Yousefia primary school, Malawi center were open at 9:20
  • PSs 92,93 in Maklawi preparatory boys school were opened at 9:25

Luxor Governorate:

  • Late opening in Administrative health PS because of the absence of the Chair of the polling station.

Observers were not allowed into the following polling stations:



  • Chief of PS  no.5 in EzzabetElnasr primary private school in Qousyia didn’t allow observer Mohamed Elrefaei

Violations inside and outside PSs


Phosphoric ink  is not used despite its availability inside PSs:

  • Ahmed MossaadElzayat school No.3
  • Khaled Eltokhy Martyr school in Mansoura no.11

Gharbiya Governorate:

  • Voter arrested for Stealing Ballot paper & a case  has been filed by chief of the PS NO.75 gamalyHelmy school in SaftTorab, Mahala center.

Group Transportation of Voters:

Minyia Governorate:

  • Pickup trucks No. ( 1278-6582-1295-5153, Minya) are transporting presidential candidate AbdelfatahElsissi voters to Maasara complex schools in Malawi center by elder dissolved members in NDP.
  • Pickup truck no. (72408,minya) is transporting Pro Sisivoters to PSs Monshaa’aFekrya Preparatory school in AbouGergas center.

Sharqia Governorate:

  • Truck with sisi posters on it promoting for him in front of PSs Qaumia language girls school in Zagazig.
  • Truck no.( 50849, Minyia) in front of Sabagh primary school in Hussienia center transporting pro-sisi voters to the PSs.

Campaigning Activities:

Minyia Governorate:

  • Pro sisi&Hamdeen posters on Tahrir primary school wall in Malawi center PSs no. 9&10 .

Violence and Thuggery:

Sharqia Governorate

  • Shooting gun in front of Qamiya girls school PS in Zagazig center so military forces surrounded the area.

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