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The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) continues its monitoring of the election process for the third election day after the Presidential Elections Committee issued the decision to extend it for a third day and after the Egyptian Coalition for Monitoring the Elections stated in its twelfth report on the third day of presidential elections that it observed various violations and abuses till 9 p.m. between which:

Violence and thuggery:

Dakahlia Governatorate:

  • Unknown people shooted the military forces assigned to secure Aly Mahmoud Taha school in Al-Thanaweya street in the city of Al-Mansura, but the forces were able to arrest three of them with the help of the people of the area.

Al-Fayoum Governatorate:

  • A bomb was found next to the Shabab Ashway Center PS and the bomb squad succeeded in protecting the city by neutrilizing it.
  • Fire was set on a police officer’s car (Mahmoud Abo Bakr) in front of his house in Al-Gon district in Bandar, Al-Fayoum.

Capaigning activities:

Qena Governatorate:

  • Propaganda for the candidate Abd Al-Fattah El-Sisi by DJs and distribution of pictures of Al-Sisi outside PS 2 at Al-Shahed Abd Al-Manaaem Riad school.

Luxor Governatorate:

  • Some citizens rose pictures of Al-Sisi in front of PS 6,5 of Salah Al-Din primary school in Luxor.
  • The movement “Mostaqbal Watan” invited the citizens to vote for the candidate Abd Al-Fattah Al-Sisi in front of PS 1 at Al-Zenya Qabla middle school.

Influencing Voters’ Choice:

Bani Suif Governorate:

• Security forces assigned for securing the PS arrested a citizen while he was inciting people not to vote before the PS Bhpshin School, Nasser Center

  • A girl was arrested while she was distributing leaflets urging people to boycott the elections and an official report was made in front of the PS  EL shahed Gareb school, Wasta city


Violations inside and outside the PSs:

Gharbia Governorate:

  • Al-Sisi’s pictures were displayed on the walls of PS no. 16.17, 18, 19 schools compound, Sonbat village, Zifta Center
  • In PS no. 5, Ayat common school, closed for one hour by its president without giving reasons in spite of the presence of the voters

Witnesses and Candidate agents prevented from accessing the polling stations:


Alexandria Governorate:

  • EOHR witness was prevented from accessing Polling Station (PS) no. 12 and 13 Asma bint Abu Bakr Preparatory school, Ameriaa, Bardawil residences

The boxes were sorted before the end of the elections

Damietta Governorate

  • PS No. 22 Martyr Omar EL Chazli primary School, Zarqa Center, Herntah Aldjaafarh village, the Chairman of the PS opened the election boxes and the screening process started at eight o’clock pm while voters were voting and boxes were opened.


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