The head of the Egyptian Organization meets the chairman of the Fact-finding Committee after the revolution June 30

June 4th, 2014 by Editor

On Tuesday 4 June, 2014, Hafez Abu Saada the head of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights and Alaa Shalabi, Secretary-General of the Arab Organization for Human Rights had a meeting with Dr. Fouad Abdel-Moneim Riad, the chairman of the Fact-finding Committee after the revolution June 30, and the counselors members of the Committee, at the headquarters of the Consultative Council.

The Chairman of the Egyptian Organization showed the statements and reports issued by the organization during the period after June 30, where the attendees discussed the violent incidents, human rights violations happened during the period which the organization has monitored and documented issues of torture, political activists, resolution of Rabaa and El Nhdaa sit- ins initiative of releasing of the remand of the perpetrators of non-violent crimes, as well as the conditions of the prisons.

Abo Saada affirmed that in this period he will be in permanent contact with the Committee to provide it with all the information relevant to the violations of human rights, to serve the Committee in the fulfillment of its tasks. As The Committee have to prepare a report including a set of recommendations.

Abo Saada also urged the Committee to issue a recommendation to the President of the Republic for the release of the political activists imprisoned for the case of violation of the law on demonstration as well as the remand prisoners that have not committed violent crimes.

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