EOHR condemns the incidents of harassment and demands police forces to protect women in public places

June 10th, 2014 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) strongly condemns the incidents of the collective sexual assault, which occurred during last week, the last of which on Sunday evening, June 8, 2014, during the celebrations of the new president, which also has seen more than one case of sexual assault. The first assault took place in Tahrir Square by a number of young people who intercepted a 30 years lady accompanied by her daughter and raped her brutally.

By the night, many harassers targeted some of the girls and ladies in the square by sexual assault and a girl was assaulted brutally. The perpetrators stripped her clothes and assaulted her by sharp objects, till her body bled, while information confirmed the occurrence of 9 cases of full rape during the past few days.

The Egyptian authorities have announced the arrest of seven harassers after the diffusion of the video screening the assault on the social networks and the Ministry of Interior has confirmed that the seven harassers are between 16 and 49 years old.

EOHR confirms the need to proceed to the activation of sexual assault and harassment laws, where the former president Adly Mansour toughened its punishment. The law states that men who harass women in front of people, or in a hidden place, face a jail term between six months and five years, while the longest duration will be judged on those who commit their crimes from a position of strength, either functionally or actually (when they are armed).

The organization calls to take the necessary measures to put an end to the phenomenon of societal acceptance to sexual assault in all its forms, which is the most important measure to criminalize this phenomenon and to reduce it, especially with its recent increasing.

On his side Mr Hafez Abu Saada, the President of the Organization asserts that what happened in Tahrir Square constitutes an alarm bell for this dangerous phenomenon as well as a crime that can’t be tolerated and the perpetrators must be punished to deter them from repeating their awful actions.

He also called for monitoring and understanding of sexual assault cases initiatives and community mobilization to address this crime, and in particular the Ministry of Interior should announce a strategy for women’s protection by increasing the presence of the security forces in the street and identify telephone lines (Hot Lines) for rapid intervention in case of infringement in order to face sexual assault.

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