Members of EOHR general assembly vote the new board of directors and adopt the new action plane of the organization

June 16th, 2014 by Editor

Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) held its fourth general assembly to elect the new board of directors (15 members) in its headquarters, after the end of the period of the current administration, on Friday 13 June 2014. The general assembly meets once a year to revise and evaluate the activities of the Organization and to elect the board of directors[1], which determines the policy of the Organization and is presided by the head of the Organization.

The tasks of the general assembly and the procedures of the electoral process take place inside the Organization in pursuance of the provisions of article 27 of the NGO Law number 84 of the year 2002, which states that the general assembly shall be called for a regular meeting at least once a year during the four month following the end of its fiscal year, in order to consider the budget, the final account, the report from the board of directors on the actions taken during the year and the report from the auditor, and to substitute the board of directors, appoint an auditor, determine his honorarium and face any issue the board of directors considers worth to be inserted in the agenda. A regular meeting may also be called for whenever necessary.

During last session, the assembly has discussed the action plan of the Organization, which includes:

1. Working on the development of the Egyptian legislation in response to the sections of the Egyptian constitution related to human rights, freedoms and basic elements of the State;

2. Continuing its monitoring to the Human Rights in Egypt in general with special attention on torture and ill treatment;

3. Offering legal assistance to the victims of human rights violations through a network of lawyers belonging to the Organization;

4. Raising awareness on the culture of human rights

5.  Forming a programme to train the members of the Organization and the Youth;

5. Promoting democracy and strengthening the role of the Organization in monitoring the elections and extending the training programme to the next parliamentary elections and to following local elections.

6. Establishing a unit for the defense of those cases relevant to economic and social rights and promoting the claim of such rights, on the basis of the fact that the constitution includes articles which protect the economic and social rights of the Egyptians.

7. The assembly also recommended establishing, with the contribution of the EOHR, a program on transitional justice pursuing the Egyptian constitution and promoting the role of a federation of human rights organizations in the transitional justice.

In this regard, the general assembly appealed to the President of the Republic Abd Al-Fattah Al-Sisi for the amnesty of the remand prisoners in demonstrations and protesting events, who were practicing their right in peaceful assembly and expressing their opinion.

[1] The board of directors is elected every six years, though 2/3 of the members are changed every two years.

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