Counterterrorism observatory: EOHR condemns yesterday’s terrorist incidents

June 29th, 2014 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) deeply condemns the violent incidents which took place yesterday, Saturday 28 June 2014, demanding fast investigations to catch and prosecute the perpetrators.

On Saturday morning, an improvised explosive device (IED) caused an explosion in a telephone exchange under construction in the 6th of October City (Giza), killing the guard of the central and his wife and damaging most of the inside equipment.

Moreover, 4 soldiers of the central security forces were killed today, while a passenger bus was exposed to the attack of militants in Rafah, in the North of the Sinai peninsula (East Egypt). Militants were riding a car without plates, when they stopped the microbus at gunpoint and examined the passengers’ identity. The four soldiers were brought down the bus after they turned out to be from the security forces and were killed next to the bus. Terrorists fled in a scenario similar to that of last year when 26 soldiers from the central security forces were killed on the international road West Rafah, in an incident where the security authorities accused Adel Habara, who is currently on a trial, and others.

Jerusalem Supporters terrorist group claimed its responsibility for this terrorist operation.

EOHR confirms its condemnation of these terrorist operations, and calls the security forces to combat with all of their forces these terrorist operations which aim at destabilizing and disrupting the country.

From his side, the president of the Egyptian Organization, Hafez Abu Seada expressed his repudiation to the bombing of the «October Central», and stressed that these operations threaten human rights, and the right of the citizen to live. He also added that all human rights organizations should unite their standards, there must be a comprehensive societal rejection of such conduct, and these organizations should condemn cruelly these acts which target public money and threaten lives of individuals.

He also condemned the killing of 4 Central Security soldiers, as before the first day of Ramadan the hands of terrorism assassinated four Egyptian soldiers in Rafah, and called for the arrest of the perpetrators and their fair trial.



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