June 30th, 2014 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) expresses its deep sadness over the police forces’ loss of two members after the bombings in the Federal Palace area in Heliopolis on Monday the 30th of June 2014. EOHR considers this act an abject terrorist operation and strongly condemns it, demanding to quickly arrest the perpetrators and to sentence them to the maximum punishment.

The first explosion took place while the police forces were trying to defuse two bombs found in the perimeter of the Federal Palace, residence of the Egyptian president. One of the bombs exploded on the Civil Protection Forces, killing Colonel Ahmed Al-Ashmawy, an explosives expert, and enjuring Lieutenant Colonel Tareq Abd ElWahab and three others; while the second explosion came while the security forces were combing the perimeter of the Federal Palace, killing a lieutenant colonel and injuring others.

The terrorist organization “Agnad Misr” (Soldiers of Egypt) had already claimed its responsibility since few days, and precisely on June 27, with the publication on the Twitter account of the organization of a statement in which they announced the details of the bomb implanting in the perimeter of the Federal Palace, targeting a meeting of the security leaders responsible of securing the palace. Other bombs were implanted in the area, targeting the forces arrived on the scene after the planned explosion, as announced in the statement. The statement also affirmed that “the security forces that combed the perimeter of the Palace, did not detect all the bombs”, warning citizens of the presence of two explosive devices in the area. The place where bombs were installed is also recalled in a paragraph written in red as follows: “Two explosive devices are implanted in the small gardens on the angle of the Palace at the entrance of Al-Ahram Street from al-Mirghani road”. That’s exactly the place of the explosion which took place today.

«Soldiers of Egypt» previously claimed its responsibility for targeting operations to officers of the army and the police, but this time the bombings coincided with the celebrations of 30 June demonstrations. The Egyptian security forces raised the alert level in preparation for the celebration of the first anniversary of the demonstrations which led to the isolation of President Mohamed Morsi, after the intervention of the army, and some political forces announced today their intention to celebrate in front of El Ittihadya Palace in the anniversary of the demonstrations.

EOHR mourns with deep sorrow the families of the brave martyrs, calling for the quick arrest of the perpetrators, who are an example of Black terrorism, which aims at destabilizing the country and terrorize its citizens.

Moreover, EOHR calls for tightening security measures in all vital areas and important constructions in the anniversary of the 30 June, deploying security forces and the central security cars heavily in all squares and streets to secure citizens, and to deal with any riots; readiness of the civil protection men in order to receive the announcements, scan them by using explosives detection devices, train sniffer dogs to deal with the explosive material, and securing all police establishments.

From his side, the president of the Egyptian Organization, Hafez Abu Seada asserted that terrorism and its crimes represent a direct assault on a group of traditional human rights which have at its forefront the right to life, when terrorism kills randomly, and the right to physical safety, when terrorism harms the human body.


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