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July 14th, 2014 by Editor

EOHR condemns the terrorist incident in Al-Arish and demands for the quick arrest of the perpetrators


The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights strongly condemns the events of Al-Arish (in the North-Sinai Governatorate), that witnessed the fall of rockets on Sunday night, 13 July 2014, killing 8 people and injuring 33. Thus, the Organization demands for conducting investigations, catch the perpetrators and prosecute them.

Three missiles had already been launched from unknown persons, yesterday night (Sunday). The first one fell on a residential area in the Dahaya Al-Salam district in Al-Arish, killing 7 and injuring other 25, and it was followed by two other missiles, which fell on a camp killing a soldier and injuring 3 others.

The Organization condemns this atrocious incident, whatever the authority responsible and the reason for shedding innocent blood. Thus it confirms the inevitability to punish the perpetrators of this incident and of previous terrorist incidents, clarifying that terrorism threatens the human rights principles and values.

EOHR offers its condolences to the families of the martyrs of this attack and wishes a quick recovery to the injuried.

Hafez Abo Saada, President of the EOHR, asserted that these incidents targeting individuals and installations are unacceptable, and they are not linked to religion or principles. He clarifies that terrorism requires a comprehensive response from all the civil forces and the support of counterterrorism actions in any way which ensure human rights and the right to a fair trial.

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