Anti-violence observatory: 14 deaths and 34 injuried during the Brotherhood violent incidents on the first anniversary of Rabaa dispersal

August 19th, 2014 by Editor

The “Anti-violence observatory” followed the violent incidents that the country witnessed over the past few days, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 14, 15 and 16 August 2014 by the hands of the alliance supporting al-Sharia in various Egyptian governorates, during the anniversary of Rabaa and al-Nahda dispersal. Indeed the Egyptian governorates saw more than 60 demonstrations and marches, 17 cases of street blocked through burning tires or oil poured on the road and ignited and 3 cases of railways occupation which resulted according to the Forensic Medicine Authority’s data in the death of 14 citizens, the injury of 34 others, and the arrest of more than 300 people.

Moreover, some installations were destroyed and burnt, electricity pylons were bombed in different areas in the country, some police stations were attacked as happened in AlMatareya police station and in Alomraneya where a bombing attempt was neutralized, a car of the police was burnt in Assuan and the public transport was attacked with the fire of a public bus in Helwan.

Violent events outspread in various Egyptian governorates

The country witnessed over the past few days outspread acts of violence in various Egyptian governorates by the hands of the alliance supporting al-Sharia, as reported below:

Cairo governorate: armed men opened fire against a police sergeant in Helwan while he was leaving the car with his relatives and killed him; in the Arab Ghoneim area another policeman was shot while leaving his car injuring one of his friends; masked man opened the fire on a bus of the Public Transport Authority in elManshya and in Al-Riyadh street a private car was bombed.

In AlMatareya a worker was killed during the clashes between the security forces and some elements of the banned Brotherhood association; an officer and two soldiers were injuried during the clashes with the Brotherhood, while the security forces were dispersing the clashes with Ahly Altaawn; one of the Brotherhood was shot in the stomach and he was taken to the hospital of AlMatareya; a number of elements of the Brotherhood randomly opened the fire injuring 14 residents of the area and other members of the Association threw Molotov cocktails at the security of the AlMatarya metro station, leading to its fire, but the security men managed to exstinguish it, as for the remnants in front of AlMatareya police station which led to the outbreak of a massive fire.

In Dar El-Salam a person died after being injuried by two shots during the violent incidents happening in the area, and in Ain Shams five people were injuried in the clashes and transferred to Heliopolis hospital. Armed men also opened the fire in a building in Ain Shams firing 3 rooms on the first floor and in Al-Marg a small group of demonstrators from the alliance supporting al-Sharia set fire to the trees of the area, in an attempt to set fire to a building. In Al-Maady, hundreds of demonstrators of the alliance tried to block Zahraa elMaadi street after they had gathered close to the river carrying “Rabaa slogans” and chanting slogans against the army and the police. Moreover, a demonstrator threw a homemade bomb on the road which was disassembled. In Al-Obour city a group of the alliance’s young people blocked the Cairo Ismailia Desert Road, setting fire to used tires, to block the way in front of the drivers.

On the other hand, the security services in Cairo arrested Yousef Nasef Wafiq Taha (a 14 years-old student) and Mohamed Mustafa Mohamed Ahmed (a 18 years-old student) in Ain-Shams metro station in possession of white masks, black shawls, 2 shamrocks, 120 small marble bullets, and pictures and slogans referring to the Brotherhood terrorist organization admitting of being in their possession to the seizures, in order to use them during the Brotherhood’s demontrations. The security force salso succeeded in arresting 34 rioters in various areas of the capital, of which 17 in Old Cairo, 6 in Nasr City, 2 in Nasr City close to Rabaa alAdawiya, 1 in Al-Marg found in possession of large quantities of gasoline to prepare Molotov cocktails, slogans of opposition and a sum of money, four people in the 15th of May city, another in Helwan and three in AlMatareya.

In the Giza Governorate, Faysal and alAhram saw various clashes between members of the alliance supporting al-Sharia on one side and citizens and policemen on the other, which brought to the death of one of the alliance’s member and of a citizen passing by that street during the clashes, and to the injury of five demonstrators and 3 of the Central Security Forces. Explosives experts also deactivated two homemade bombs in front of the Ahly Bank in Faysal, resulting in a limited explosion without any injuries.

In Ard Al Lowa the security forces neutralized an explosion at the Ard el Lowa police station in el-Agouza and some citizens died after being shot. In the 6th of October city a person was shot to death and in elOmraneya the security forces neutrilized an explosion at the police station of the area, after deactivationg two bombs found in possession of a defendant while he was attempting to set fire to the place. In Badrashin trains were stopped after the members of the association supporting al-Sharia set fire to the rails.

The investigations of North and South Giza district attorneys revealed the incitation to violence by members of the Brotherhood and the distribution of money to demonstrators on the occasion of the anniversary of Rabaa elAdaweya and elNahda incidents on the 14th of August. According to the investigations, the security forces succeeded in the arrest of 6 rioters in Gameat El Dowal El Arabia street, elMohandeseen, 3 members of the Brotherhood in possession of 25 thousand EGPs and 5 cheques of 50 thousand EGPs while they were distributing them to citizens, on Wednesday night. A member of the Brotherhood was arrested with 4 cartouche bullets on the Ring Road to elWarraq and the district attorney demanded for investigations by the National Security Agency on the fire of the buses of the Public Transport Authority by members of the Brotherhood while they were stopping inside the station in alSudan street.

ElAgouza Investigations, headed by Major Karim Aly, arrested 5 defendants participating in the march, since the first investigations confirmed that clashes erupted between the security forces and the participants in the march, after they blocked the traffic on Nahia Bridge. Moreover, the security forces arrested in the 6th of October city, Giza, 6 demonstrators after some clashes between the two sides.

In El Fayoum governorate, a 12 years-old child was injuried in the explosion of a homemade bomb, next to the national park, and he was transferred to the Fayoum General Hospital to be cured. The explosives experts deactivated five other bombs planted by unidentified next to the national park wall, while on the Cairo El Fayoum Desert Road some members of the alliance supporting al-Sharia blocked the street and the traffic and the security forces intervened to reopen it.

The security forces in el Fayoum managed to arrest 10 Brotherhood’s members while they were taking part in a march of the association, for violating the law on demostrations.

In Al-Sharqiya, some members of the alliance supporting al-Sharia opened the fire at a car for the distribution of newspapers of Al-Ahram, at Faqous center, with Molotov cocktails, burning the newspapers. A portable tower exploded in the 10th of Ramadan city in the fifth district causing simple rift in the base of the tower and traffic was blocked on El Zaqaziq Abo Hammad road after the alliance supporting al-Sharia demonstrated, on the Saft el-Henna village side, and set fire to car tires. Civil protection forces and explosives experts also managed to deactivate a homemade bomb at the Educational Administration at Minya el-Qahm.

On the other hand, the security forces in el-Sharqiya arrested 12 members of the Brotherhood in various centers, including “Belbeis, Hosseinieh and Hihya”, during the demonstrations organized by the Brotherhood in elHosseinieh and Hihya on Rabaa dispersal anniversary and others as per the orders of the district prosecution. Defendants were accused of carrying out acts of sabotage, suspected of being involved in targeting transformers and electricity pylons, of belonging to a terrorist organization, and of inciting against the army and the police.

In elKaliobeya, the security forces dispersed a demonstration of dozens belonging to the alliance supporting al-Sharia in Abo Zaabal in El Khanka and found 3 of them with weapons. Dozens of the alliance’s members organized a march in Shibin el-Qanater, where the participants raised Rabaa flags and pictures of the isolated president chanting slogans hostile to the army and the police; tried to block the railways lines “Shibin elQanater  – elZaqaziq” and “Shibin elQanater AlMarg”, as well as the road “El Khanka – El Salam”; and set fire to an electricity transformer in El Khanka. The situation was controlled and the demonstrators were dispersed and chased in the side streets; roads were reopened and their attempt to block the streets and set fire to the electricity transformer failed. Moreover, the security forces deactivated a homemade bomb planted by unidentified people in a kiosk of the railway on the barrier of Abo Zaabal after the march and disassembled it.

In Damietta unidentified people put car tires on the railways in front of al Swalem village in Kafr Saad, blocking the trains between Damietta and alMansura for half an hour, till the security forces intervened and the movement of trains returned to normality. Unidentified people set fire to a car of the police in a mechanic’s garage and the families called the Civil Protection Forces who controlled the fire.

On another hand, the security forces arrested in New Damietta 22 members of the Brotherhood in a security campaign in the cities and villages of Damietta and New Damietta in fulfillment of the Public Prosecution orders to go and catch them. Defendants were charged with incitement to violence, riots, demonstration without authorization, block the roads and the traffic, disturbing social peace, intimidation of citizens, and belonging to an outlawed organization.

Moreover, Mohamed Magdy AlZanfaly, Damietta Attorney General, ordered on Saturday the arrest of 13 members of the Muslim Brotherhood for 15 days of pending investigations, accused of “inciting violence, riots and demonstrations without authorization” in the governorate.

In Bani Suef, the Security Directorate prevented the bombing of a mill of the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade in El Wast a city, on the country road “Cairo – Bani Suef”, after they found a homemade bomb, made of a bag with an electrical circuit inside, deactivated by the explosives department. Unidentified people set fire to rubber tires on the railways in El Wasta city to stop the trains to Upper Egypt.

Bani Suef security forces arrested on Thursday 12 members of the Brotherhood after dispersing demonstrations of the Association in Bani Suef, Nasser and Biba.

In Kofr ElSheikh some  members of the alliance supporting al-Sharia blocked the International Coastal Road “Baltim –Alexandria”, setting fire to dry wood and old car tires. Kofr ElSheikh Prosecution, headed by Justice Farouq Said and supervised by Mohamed Abd ElQader ElHellw, attorney general, had already decided the arrest of 37 members of the Brotherhood for 15 days of pending investigations. The security forces arrested two defendants on Friday while they were coming back from the march organized by supporters of the isolated president close to the International Coastal Road in Baltim in front of Motobus, and escorted them to the police stations of Burullus and Motobus. The Public Prosecution accused them of blocking the streets, participating in non authorized demonstrations with weapons, and  attacking the police forces. It also ordered their arrest for 15 days in the bailiffs number (3533 of the year 2014, Burullus) and (7241 of the year 2014, Motobus).

In Alexandria the security forces deactivated two bombs planted in Sidi Gaber and Bakos train stations. The police investigations department arrested Mohamed Shahin Mohamed Shahin (a 21 years-old student resident in the department area) found in possession of a speaker, some leaflets inciting violence against State organs and unpeaceful demonstrations, disturbing public security. He recognized to belong to the Brotherhood and to have been commissioned by the leaders and cadres of the terrorist organization to distribute those leaflets in order to use them during the demonstrations of Rabaa dispersal anniversary. It is said that the defendant is the nephew of Brotherhood leader Mahmoud Attia, member of the Guidance Office.

In AlMinya unidentified people set fire to various electricity kiosks on the Cornish, in front of the professional school, destroyed two power towers in Samalout, the first serving the village of Astal, and the second that of Dafsh.

The security forces arrested on Saturday in South AlMinya 8 members of the Muslim Brotherhood, in the village of “Dalga”, on charges of attacking the security forces and inciting to riots during the march of the Association.

In North Sinai unidentified people planted a bomb on the way of the buses at ElShallaq in ElSheikh Zawed, which was detonated by the explosives experts without injuries.

In AlMonofeya two bombs exploded at the bottom of a high-pressure tower in a farmland of Kafr elAshary in Monof, leading to its fall.

ElSadat Investigations in AlMonofeya arrested on Thursday 6 members of the Brotherhood who set fire to some garbage bins in order to block the street and the traffic. About 100 people belonging to the Brotherhood organized a march from the 8th to the 11th district, chanting slogans against the army and the police, with some fireworks (Shamarekh), setting fire to some garbage bins and putting them on the way to block the traffic. The leaders of the center and the civil protection forces estinguished the fire and dispersed the march, the security forces arrested 6 members of the Association and a bailiff was edited.

The security forces in Ismailia arrested on Thursday 5 members of the Brotherhood with large quantities of Molotov cocktails while they were going to a demonstration in the police station area. Defendants, seizures and the notification of the Public Prosecution that followed the investigation were reserved. Various members of the Brotherhood had already blocked the Ismailia – Fayd road on Thursday, set fire to car tires and closed the street, with stones, trees and iron barriers.

In Assuan, Brotherhood demonstrators set fire to a police car during the clashes between Brotherhood’s members and the security forces on Thursday evening, when the security forces dispersed the march in the city. Members of the Brotherhood threw Molotov cocktails against the security forces leading to the fire of “Sigal” jewelry, a car of the police, and the headquarter of the medical profession syndicate in Assuan.

In Port Said the security forces dispersed on Thursday evening a demonstration organized by the Brotherhood in front AlBaghdady mosque, in AlZohor district, and arrested a member of the Association with a gasoline bottle.

In Qena the security forces found two bombs, the first in elSeaa square and the second in the Courts Complex. Naga Hammadi Prosecution has decided today to arrest 4 from the Brotherhood, for 15 days, on charges of subversive acts in Naga Hammadi during the first anniversary of Rabaa elAdaweya and Nahda dispersal. The defendants were taken to the Public Prosecution in Naga Hammadi.

In AlBeheira the residents dispersed a demonstration of the young people belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood in front of “Omar Efendi” area in Kafr elDawar, AlBeheira. A campaign of the security forces managed to arrest on Wednesday evening 11 of the Brotherhood in Hosh Isa and Wadi elNatrun, the due legal procedures were adopted and the Prosecution followed the investigation. 4 participants in a march were arrested in Abo Hamas, and in another march the security forces dispersed the demonstrators and arrested 7 of them.

On another hand, the security forces arrested in Kom Hamada police station 4 of the Brotherhood after some residents referred that they were incited to demonstrate. Damnhour, Hosh Isa, and Kom Hamada police stations received notifications of the arrest of 22 other on charges of demonstrating without authorization, of which 7 in Hosh Isa arrested on board of  a transport vehicle with speakers in preparation for the demonstration. A bailiff  on the arrest of the defendants was then composed and they were referred to the Prosecution for a direct investigation.

On Saturday, the security forces arrested 22 of the Brotherhood on charges of demonstrating without authorization and incitation to demonstration. Moreover, on Sunday, 8 of the Brotherhood were arrested in Damnhour and Abo AlMatamir charged with incitement to violence, demonstration and incitement to it. The officers of the Damnhour Police Supply Department arrested 2 belonging to the Brotherhood while they were in a dairy factory in Damnhourwith jerry cans containing hoxygen, and one of them had an envelope on which it was written”activities organized by the Brotherhood Association”. The defendants decided to distribute the seizures to the families of the arrested belonging to the Association. Moreover, Abo alMatamir Investigations arrested 5 of the Brotherhood at the beginning of the gathering of some  members of the Association at AlUtubis square in Abo ElMatmir to organize the demonstration, and accused them of demonstrating without authorization.

In Sohag the Investigations arrested on Thursday evening 5 members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Tahta for having organized demonstrations for the first anniversary of Rabaa an elNahda sit-in dispersal. A bailiff was composed and referred to the Prosecution for the investigation. 3 people belonging to the Brotherhood were arrested in Tahta on charges of incitement to demonstrate during Rabaa and elNahda anniversary. The Prosecution followed the investigation.

North Sohag Public Prosecution ordered to arrest on Friday evening 2 of the Brotherhood for 15 days on charges of incitement to demonstrate against the police and the army on Rabaa and elNahda anniversary and to extend the detention of 11of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Shandaweel Island in Sohag for 15 days of pending investigations about their belonging to the Association and incitiement to violence.

In Dakahlia dozens of women belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood organized in Wish elHagar on Thursday a “coffin” march to participate in the first anniversary of Rabaa and elNahda dispersal. On the other hand the security forces arrested 3 students of the Brotherhood in Belkas, after they participated with other dozens in blocking the streets. Residents were surprised with fire on the railways, but the Civil Defense Forces controlled it before it spread to the train.

In the same area, masked men used motorcycles to block the “Mit Ghamr – Cairo” road before Meet Nagy village and “AlMansoura – Dekernes” road, where they set fire to both the roads using gasoline, and ran away.

Unidentified men also blocked “AlMansoura – El-Manzala” west road on Saturday, setting fire to rubber tires and woods on the road and blocking the traffic. On Thursday, dozens blocked the “Cairo – Ismailia” desert road before El Obour city and the Ring Road before Bahtim in Shubra elKheima.

On another hand, Dakahlia police forces arrested on Thursday evening 6 belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood at Awesh ElHagar in AlMansoura, while they did not manage to arrest 6 others since they did not find them at home.

EOHR affirms that the alliance supporting al-Sharia resort to violence, sabotage against public facilities, bombing of electricity towers and pouring cars oil are a dangerous shift towards the adoption of terrorism and violence. This requires a revision by the Brotherhood leaders and its allies that proves their intellectual bankruptcy and this issue is not new in the history of the Association’s behavior on the political scene since its establishment.

EOHR asserts that the continuation of political violence between the alliance supporting al-Sharia and the Egyptian people creates political tensions between the alliance and the citizens and increases the popular discontent towards the former. This also increases its crisis in the Egyptian streets and its isolation not only at a political but also at a popular level.

Hafez Abo Saada, EOHR president, requires the Egyptian government to open an investigation on the violent incidents of the last days and to make justice to these terrorist acts, to be a lesson for all those who attack the human right to life or intimidate civilians.

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