EOHR condemns the “entertainment” with the dead body of a citizen

August 28th, 2014 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) condemns the act of a police officer who was “playing and entertaining” with the body of a deceased in ElKhanka hospital in Kaliobeya, since this represents a blatant violation of the right to personal security. It is also inconsistent in toto with the international charters and conventions which ensure this right, with the Egyptian Constitution and the inherited customs and traditions.

Yesterday, Wednesday 27 August 2014, a video was diffused on a number of social networks and some satellite channels which shows a group of police officers playing with the dead body of a citizen. The video also shows an officer, putting a cigarette in the mouth of the dead man, while another one derides him in a crude and inhuman scene.

The Organization asserts that what happened represents a crime punishable by the law, in accordance with Article 60 of the Egyptian Constitution which states that “The human body is inviolable and any assault, deformation or mutilation committed against it shall be a crime punishable by Law. […]”, and the international charters and conventions relevant to human rights.

Therefore EOHR calls the Public Prosecutor for a quick investigation on this event, and for bringing to a fair trial the responsible for this incident as a warning to all those thinking to attack a body or a person, both alive or dead.

Hafez Abo Saada, President of the Organization, asserted that “playing” with the dead body of a citizen is inhuman and far away from the Egyptian society’s traditions and values. Such an incident in our society is weird and unprecedented, and it contrasts with the tolerant traditions of the Egyptian people.

Abo Saada also highlighted the necessity to hold accountable the police officers accused in the incident, with reference to the fact that this incident is a continuation of the previous torture incidents both inside the Egyptian prisons or in the police stations. This violation must be fully eliminated, since it encroaches on the simplest fundamental human rights, as the right to life, freedom and personal security. The President added the necessity of enforcing the law and the articles of the Egyptian Constitution, which state the respect of human rights while dealing with defendants and prisoners.


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