Four Egyptians massacred in Sinai at the hands of a terrorist organization: EOHR calls upon the authorities to quickly arrest the perpetrators

August 28th, 2014 by Editor

EOHR followed with deep concern the video published on the media that shows the massacre of four Egyptians in Sinai. The tape bears the logo of the terrorist organization Ansar Bait AlMaqdis, which claimed that those who were killed, were spies working for the Israeli intelligence.

EOHR strongly condemns the murder carried out in the most horrendous forms, especially because the alleged organization does not have any power for investigating, accusing or applying provisions of the law on the Egyptian citizens.

The acts of violence and murder of these organizations against Egyptian citizens, installations and soldiers are terrorist acts, as per Article 86 of the Egyptian Penal Code.

EOHR condemns this crime because of the bloodshed of the Egyptian citizens, asserting the inevitability to punish the perpetrators of this massacre and of previous terrorist acts. The Egyptian Organization also condemns terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, calling for urgent measures to prevent and combat it at all levels, and clarifying that terrorism does not only threaten human rights principles and values, but it is also incompatible with the Islamic tolerant values.


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