EOHR condemns the rape of a girl in Imbaba police station

August 31st, 2014 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights strongly condemns the act of a police officer who raped a mentally disabled girl in Imbaba police station, and calls for quickly holding him accountable, in accordance with the Egyptian Law and Constitution, and referring him to urgent trial, as example for others.

The incident happened when a police officer raped a mentally disabled girl who was detained in Imbaba police station after an attempt to attack her by two guys of the area. Thus she survived to this attempt to be raped by a police officer, who brought her far from the cameras, according to the testimony of the detained colleagues of the victim who saw the defendant from the door sash while he was assaulting her.

Therefore EOHR calls for the necessity to punish the perpetrator of this crime, especially because it was committed by a position of power. The law states that men who harass women in front of the people or secretly, shall be imprisoned for a  period between six months and five years, while those who perpetrate the crime from a position of power shall be sentenced to the longest period, both in case they are exercising their function or they are armed. EOHR also calls for the enforcement of Article 268 of the Penal Code, which punishes all those who rape human beings by force or threat or proceeds them to hard labor from 3 to 7 years.

On another hand, the Organization asserts the necessity to enact laws relevant to sexual assault, sexual harassment and rape, and demands for taking the due measures to put an end to the phenomenon of sexual assault in all its forms, that is the most important action towards the criminalization of the phenomenon and its reduction, in particular because it is spreading more and more lately.

Hafez Abo Saada affirmed that what happened is a crime that cannot be tolerated, and that it must receive the deserved punishment, to dissuade those who exploit their position in repeating these horrendous acts.

Abo Saada also calls upon the Ministry of the Interior to necessarily announce a strategy to protect women from all kinds of attacks in any place, both with increasing security or opening hotlines to intervene quickly in case of assault, to face sexual assault.


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