Counterterrorism observatory: EOHR condemns the attack to 11 soldiers and an officer in AlSheikh Zuweid and calls for a strong security plan to secure all Egyptian borders

September 2nd, 2014 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights strongly condemns the criminal terrorist act, directed to 11 Egyptian valiant soldiers and an officer in AlSheikh Zuweid on Tuesday 2 September 2014, and calls for prosecuting criminals and bringing them to justice.

Eleven soldiers and an officer were attacked in the afternoon, injuring an officer and other soldiers, in the explosion of a bus for the transportation of soldiers in AlSheikh Zuweid. The explosion was provoked by a landmine or a bomb planted on the road while the bus was passing.

EOHR condemns this criminal incident, whoever the perpetrators of this bloodshed of innocents. Thus it asserts the inevitability to punish the perpetrators of this act and of previous terrorist incidents, clarifying that terrorism threatens human rights principles and values.

The Organization also offers sincere condolences to the families of the martyrs praying Allah the Almighty to bestow His mercy, and asserts that war to terrorism is a challenge for the whole nation.

EOHR observed since the 30 June revolution various terrorist incidents, directed to the police and the military forces:

Case Number of injured Number of deaths
Fire opened on AlArish first police station and on a traffic department at Dahiyat al-Salam in AlArish.    
Fire opened on a special point of forces securing the borders in AlArish.    
Fire opened on AlArish third station. Soldier shot in the foot.  
Fire set on a camp in AlAhrash Rafah   Murder of a soldier
Intensive fire in Sadr Al Hetan on the road from Sinai to Suez. Officer shot in the shoulder.  
Attempt by some members of the Muslim Brotherhood to siege Helwan and ElTebeen Police Departments in Cairo and set fire to them. They were able to break into ElTebeen police Department, make 14 prisoners escape, burn the building of the Department after grabbing its weapons and ammunitions. Seven officers and policemen injured. Murder of a police officer and three people.
People broke into AlMosara police department and burnt it completely after they stole its weapons.    
Attempt by some supporters of the isolated president Mohamed Morsi to break into Ain Shams police department.    
Unidentified people opened the fire on the Media Production City security, at gate 2, in the 6th of October city. The security faced them with tear gas canisters.    
Soldiers shot during their service in AlArish. Other 4 were shot A soldier died
Fire opened at “AlMohager” checkpoint on AlArish International Airport road. 4 soldiers of the military forces injured A soldier was killed
Armed men opened the fire at a central security department on AlArish International Airport road. 3 soldiers of the security forces were shot.  
Armed men attacked a military camp in “Alkharbh” at distance and the forces responded without damages.    
Armed men attacked a security point in Rafah with a rocket-propelled grenade. The grenade was planted close to it and the explosion was followed by intensive fire from all the checkpoints in AlArish.    
A group of armed members of the expiatory groups attacked two soldiers of the central security from AlAhrash Department, made them leave the cars they were driving in AlMadhalla, Rafah, and shot them with automatic weapons.   25 soldiers died
The Central Security forces were shot in North Sinai in downtown at AlArish when they lost control of the security. This led to the death of an officer who was shot with a sniper from one of the highest buildings.   A police major died
Explosion in front of the sports area building in AlZohor district in AlArish, of the armed forces. A bomb exploded in an asphalt-free area in front of the building, provoking a strong sound.    
Unidentified armed men launched to RPG mortars, of which one fell close to a checkpoint in AlMohager on AlArish International Airport road and the other in AlMosaeed district, close to the security headquarters. 59 cases of injury. Most of them within AlArish, AlSheikh Zuwaid and Bir ElAbed police and armed forces. The total number of death cases in the governorate reached about 65.
Unidentified destroyed the security building in AlQasima village, AlHasana, Central Sinai.    
Four armed men were arrested, found in possession of two RPG mortars, while they were driving a car from AlArish.    
Fire was opened at the military prosecution building in AlArish.   Murder of a soldier
Armed men attacked the Police Officers Club in AlArish.   Murder of a soldier
Members of the Muslim Brotherhood set fire to the building of AlArish City Council, after launching Molotov cocktails against it.    
Unidentified armed men attacked an army point guard next to AlArish sports arena.    
A police officer was shot while he was walking to work from AlObour till AlDahaya.   Murder of a police officer, shot in the head.
Terrorist attack to security checkpoints on AlArish Ring Road. Five soldiers and a policeman were injured. 7 soldiers died.
Unidentified men set fire to the taxes headquarters in AlArish, and launched Molotov cocktails inside the building in which fire spread amid the families’ attempts to estinguish it; but fire consumed big parts of it.    
A car bomb exploded in front of the military intelligence building in Ismailia. Five individuals were partially injured on the outer fence of the intelligence office.  
Three attacks to the Police Officers Club , Sakr and AlSafa checkpoints in AlArish. Four policemen were injured. Eight policemen were killed.
The Brigadier Mohamed AlSaeed, Director General of the Technical Office of the Minister of the Interior.    
A mortar was launched against an helicopter of the Air Forces.   Five of the armed forces were killed.
A tourist bus was attacked in Taba, South Sinai. 15 injured Four people were killed; three South Korean tourists and an Egyptian.
A IED exploded in a central under construction in the 6th of October city.   The central guard’s son “AlKhafir” and his wife died.
A tourist bus was attacked by armed men in Rafah.   Four soldiers of the Central Security forces died.
Two mortars fell on a camp of the security department in North Sinai 3 other soldiers were injured. A soldier was killed.
A checkpoint at km 100 between Farafra and Giza was attacked with heavy weapons.   21 soldiers died
Four Egyptians were massacred in Sinai    
AlDakahleya Security Directorate building was attacked 130 injured, most of which policemen 15 people died
Explosion in Cairo Security Directorate 130 injured, most of which policemen 6 policemen died
Total of the victims 371 injured 209 martyrs



The terrorist organization “Ansar Beit AlMaqdis” declared its responsibility for some of the terrorist acts, including the explosion of the Egyptian gas lines in Sinai, the attack of military vehicles and the kidnapping of soldiers and policemen. Thus according to EOHR counterterrorism observatory the number of terrorist acts carried out by this terrorist organization reached 40. From the revolution of the 30 June till now the total of injured is 371 including citizens, policemen and the army, while the total of deaths (the martyrs) reached 209 including citizens, policemen and the army. Beside this actions, the broadcasting of the video showing the massacre of four citizens, working as spies for Israel, is considered of excessive violence. The terrorist organization took the place of the Judiciary and the Executive, and sentenced the citizens to death.

Therefore EOHR calls upon the Egyptian authorities to arrest quickly those involved in these acts and to bring them to an impartial, transparent and fair trial and to enforce the law, as a lesson for those willing to commit such crimes, and in order to protect the policemen and the army who are systematically attacked from these criminal organizations.

Hafez Abo Saada, EOHR president, asserts that the attack to the Egyptian soldiers or policemen is a violation of the fundamental human rights, as the right to life, freedom and personal security. He stresses that Egypt is strongly determined to eradicate terrorism and eliminate this deviant group which tampers with the destiny of this nation, calling for the need to create a strong security strategy to secure all the Egyptian borders, in particular in Sinai where a great number of armed people are settled afraid to enter the country and to get mixed to citizens, making their control from the state very difficult.

Moreover, EOHR offers to the Egyptian authorities some advices for the strategy to prevent terrorist from committing these crimes:

  1. Properly securing the police and army vehicles;
  2. Importing and using technological and modern devices to detect explosives from a distance.
  3. Collecting all the information about transnational crime, especially because these organizations are linked to some international terrorist organizations, which commit these crimes in other countries.
  4. Reinforcing security on the Sinai borders to prevent the incursion of these organizations in the country and outside it, in order to get weapons and carry out these terrorist operations.


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