EOHR calls for investigation on the death of a Central Security soldier

September 8th, 2014 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) condemns the murder of a soldier in North Sinai, after he was aggressed by an officer of the Central Security in AlArish security forces camp, which represents a blatant violation of the right to life and bodily integrity. EOHR calls for the necessity to punish the perpetrator and bring him to a speedy trial as a lesson for all those willing to exploit their position to commit any crime punished by the Egyptian Constitution and the international norms and conventions.

The soldier “Ahmed Hussein Mohamed Khalil” (20 years-old) arrived dead at AlArish hospital from Abo Hammad (AlSharkya) on Friday 5 September 2014, and the investigations reveal that he died because of the strong beatings of the Central Security captain in the camp. The soldier was already very sick after he came back from vacation, but the captain forced him to stand in the morning assembly, and when he asserted to be sick the captain ordered the stick of a tree and severely beat him till his last breath.

Despite the sacrifices the police forces offer to the nation in order to maintain the security of citizens in the governorates, EOHR denounces these acts committed by policemen which violate human rights. Therefore the Organization calls for a quick investigation on the torture of the soldier at the hands of the police officer, for bringing all the responsible for the event to a speedy trial, and for enforcing the relevant provisions of the law and Constitution in the interests of the State and in order to achieve the society’s safety and security.

On another hand, EOHR calls upon the government to amend the legislation relevant to the crime of torture including the Penal Code and the Criminal Procedures, in conformity with the New Egyptian Constitution and the United Nations Convention Against Torture. It also demands for issuing a sentence on the torture cases and a financial compensation. The sentence shall include conviction for torture, dismissal from office, the maximum penalty, and above all conviction for torture till death.

Hafez Abo Seada, president of the Organization, condemned the event asserting that the state must not be tolerant in holding accountable the officers who aggress soldiers or take pity on them. He added that the continuation of this inhuman phenomenon, even in single cases among police officers, represents an explicit violation of the Egyptian Constitution and the international norms and conventions relevant to human rights, which assert in various articles the prohibition of torture and the criminalization and accountability of its perpetrators. The president also asserted that torture is a crime that must be totally eliminated because it violates the simplest fundamental human rights, including the right to life, freedom and personal security, as stated in the 2014 Constitution in Article 55 (on the criminalization of torture and ill-treatment) and Article 52 (on the imprescribility of the crime of torture). Therefore the Public Prosecutor and the Ministry of the Interior shall investigate on this crime and refer it to a speedy trial.

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