The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) strongly condemns the Paris Terrorist Attacks

January 8th, 2015 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) strongly condemns this bloody act of terrorism, which is considered a blatant violation of the basic principles of Human Rights, especially the right to life and security as well as the right of freedom of expression and thought that are stipulated by International Human Rights treaties and conventions. The EOHR implores the French authorities to rapidly apprehend the terrorists and turn them to Justice. The French capital Paris witnessed a lamentable incident yesterday morning, when a group of gunmen broke into the headquarters of the Charlie Hebdo Magazine and massacred the 12 people inside including 2 police officers and a number of Journalists, chanting Islamic slogans while committing their heinous act. The EOHR reaffirms that the Islamic faith is innocent of those who have committed this act of terrorism, and that the attacks stand against everything Islam and other religions stand for.The threat of terrorism has become an international phenomenon, not just a regional or a domestic one. It can strike any part of the world if its ignored by the International Community. There has to be a security, military, intellectual, cultural, scientific, and media alliance to confront the extended threat of terrorism. Efforts have to be intensified to repel terrorism, and all governments, international bodies, and civil society have to unite for that purpose.  The Egyptian government should also prepare its embassy and consulates in France to receive any complaints from Egyptians living in France, and to work on protecting them and preserving their rights against any sort violations. The French government should not carry out any arbitrary or exceptional measures against the Arab and Muslim communities in General and the Egyptian community in specific. The French government is also obliged to protect those communities that have become vulnerable to harassment after this catastrophic incident. From his part, Mr. Hafez Abu Seada the president of EOHR deplored the terrorist attacks, and the murder of innocent civilians. He also said that this cannot be accepted under any excuses, because this is considered a crime against humanity. Abu Seada said that these acts of terror seek to undermine the basic human rights and freedoms, and threatens the security of other states, stressing the importance of fighting terrorism as a global phenomenon, which entitles the international community to take action against the violations committed by terrorist organizations. Abu Seada also called upon the international community to implement security council resolutions on terrorism, because these organizations threaten the international order, and because of their absolute disregard the legal legitimacy of the international system.

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