The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights condemns the murder of 3 Muslim students in the United States of America

February 12th, 2015 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) expresses its deep concern regarding the safety of Muslim communities in the United States, and Europe especially after the rise of the level of hate crimes and acts of discrimination that these communities have been subjected to because of the association of Islam with terrorism by extremist forces in the west.

The latest incident where 3 Muslim Students were killed in North Carolina by 46 year old American citizen Craig Stephen Hicks after a dispute with one of them over parking space is the last of a chain of systematic violations in the form of hate speech and violence committed against Muslim communities in these countries. Because of the wrong perception that terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda, and ISIS genuinely represent Islam, some misinformed, extremist, racist elements in western society have taken a very hostile stance towards Muslim communities in their countries, which subjected them to both verbal and physical offenses, and violations. These offenses constitute a clear transgression of international human rights law, especially that International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, which prohibits all forms of racial discrimination.

With that said EOHR hereby condemns the murder of the 3 Muslim students and reaffirms that such blatant and insolent crimes, constitute a grave violation of Human Rights, especially the rights to life and freedom of religion which are stipulated by the universal declaration of human rights. EOHR also demands that the governments of the United States and the European Union take more measures to protect the lives, and safety of the Muslims living within their borders, as international human rights treaties and conventions oblige to them to do so. The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights would like to remind the states addressed in this statement that it took a firm stand against all forms of terrorism all over the world, including the most recent Charlie Hebdo massacre, and so did many Muslim civil society movements and governments. With that said EOHR reiterates that Islam and the vast majority of Muslims stand firmly against terrorism, and all forms of killings committed against innocent civilians including the acts of terrorism committed by all kinds of extremists be it Muslims like ISIS or non-Muslims like Craig Stephen Hicks who murdered the 3 Muslim students.

In conclusion EOHR demands a thorough investigation of the crime, and demands the severest punishment to be landed on the perpetrator of this heinous crime. EOHR again implores western governments to take more measures to prevent future crimes of this kind, and to protect the lives and safety of Muslim communities in their countries.



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