The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) demands the protection of all Egyptians living in Libya, and ensuring of their safe return

February 13th, 2015 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) strongly condemns the abduction of 21 Egyptian citizens by a group of armed militants in Libyan territories, in a blatant violation of the right to freedom and personal security. EOHR implores the Egyptian authorities to do all what it takes to return all Egyptians currently in Libya.

On Thursday the 12th of February the Libyan branch of ISIS, the notorious terrorist organization released footage of the abducted Egyptian workers in orange uniforms, and handcuffed. The footage showed the workers escorted to the seacoast, and then shows them kneeling on the ground with the militants holding knives to their necks. Rumors spread that ISIS killed them. However, the Egyptian foreign ministry denied these rumors, because it did not have enough evidence to support it. It is worth mentioning that those workers come from rural villages in Upper Egypt, and most of them are Coptic Christians.

In this respect EOHR stresses that the safety of Egyptian citizens whether in the Egypt or abroad should be among the top priorities of the Egyptian government. The foreign ministry as well as the Egyptian embassy in Libya should uphold their responsibility and take all necessary measures to release the abducted Egyptians, and guarantee them protection and medical care suited for them. EOHR also demands that the Libyan government respect Egyptian labor in their country, and to either offer them sufficient protection or safely return them to Egypt.

From his side Mr. Hafez Abu Seada president of EOHR reaffirmed that Egyptian laborers in Libya are very productive in Libya, and therefor should be respected by authorities and treated well so that their rights can be protected. Abu Seada also said that if there is a plot against Egyptians living in Libya then the government should return them immediately. Abu Seada added that the Egyptian government should move swiftly to rescue the abducted Egyptians. He also added if the death of the abducted workers is confirmed then the Egyptian State should punish the abductors, and those who kill Egyptians because of their religious affiliation, as it constitutes a racial crime, and we should all confront terrorism with all the strength we have.


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