Abu Seada freezes his presidency and membership in EOHR to run for the Parliamentary elections

February 24th, 2015 by Editor

Hafez Abu Seada announced the freezing of his presidency of the administrative board of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR), as he will be running for one of the parliamentary seats of the Maadi-Torrah electoral district.

Abu Seada said that he froze his membership because EOHR is one of the bodies monitoring elections along with other NGOs, stressing that the monitoring of elections is a testimony on its fairness, and honesty.

Abu Seada added that he requested the freezing of his membership, and mandated Mr. Ahmed Abdel Hafiz EOHR’s vice president to be acting president, and that according to law no.84 for the year 2002 regarding civil society organizations.

Hafez Abu Seada has always been on the vanguard in the causes for human rights and democracy, and has adopted a firm position that supports democracy and demands political, social and economic reform in Egypt.

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