Women’s Day . EOHR . violence against women should be stopped

March 8th, 2015 by Editor

On the annual international women’s day, that is celebrated by the whole world, the Egyptian woman has proven her role in the Egyptian revolution through her participation in all political activities that enhance the demands of freedom and justice. The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights has submitted  a request to the Egyptian President to fight violence against women, and for the development of a strategy to empower women politically and economically.

Egyptian women still suffer from impediments on the political level, and marginalization on the economic level. Violence against women whether politically, or in the family still persists and the killing of Shimaa El Sabagh in in a demonstration in Cairo a few weeks ago is a case that shows the extent of the violence, and the violation of women’s rights in Egypt. This happens despite the fact that Egypt’s constitution emphasizes gender equality and guarantees women’s rights.

On the bright side EOHR sees some progress in the struggle for the rights of Egyptian women, among them Law number 1 of the year 2000, and law number 10 of the year 2004, these laws created more constitutional equality between men and women with regards to personal status laws, and the citizenship law created the same equality with children of Egyptian mothers and foreign fathers are allowed to become Egyptian citizens. 

Despite these improvements women in Egypt still suffer from hurdles, and marginalization therefore EOHR demands that more attention should be paid to women’s rights, to empower them politically, economically and socially, so that acts of discrimination against women can be stopped.



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