The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights demands the Egyptian government to replace the death penalty with life imprisonment

May 20th, 2015 by Editor

The Criminal Court of First Instance of Cairo, Nasr City I held at Police Academy ruled in the case No. 56460 for year 2013, which is known in media as “Escape from Wadi el-Natrun prison”, the referral of 107 defendants, among them the former president Muhammad Morsi and group of leaders in Muslim Brotherhood Group, elements of Hamas and Hezbollah to the Mufti, to give the rightful opinion in the case, as the public prosecution accused the defendants of “Breaking into prisons and robbing it, stealing weapons and ammunitions in its warehouses, enabling prisoners to escape and starting a fire in governmental and police buildings, and ruining it”. The public prosecution asserted that during 25th of January 2011 revolution, the defendants committed kidnapping crimes concerning police officers; Muhammad El Gohary, Sherif El Madawy, Muhammad Hussein and secretary of Police Walied Saad, and holding them in Gaza strip, and bearing heavy artillery to resist Egyptian Regime, and committing offensive actions lead to violate country independence, unity and integrity of its territory, along with killing and infringements on life of Police officers and individuals, starting a fire in governmental and police buildings, and ruining it, breaking into prisons and robbing its contents of livestock resources, stealing weapons and ammunitions in its warehouses, enabling prisoners to escape.

The Criminal Court of Cairo held at Police Academy also ruled the referral of 16 defendants in the case known in media as “Great Spying” to the Mufti of Republic to give the rightful opinion, and Hearing is set for 2nd of June for the verdict. As the public prosecution accused them of “communicating with foreign organizations out of the country, disclosure of defense secrets of the country for foreign country and who work for it, financing terrorism, military training to realize purposes of International Organization for Muslim Brotherhood, committing actions lead to violate country independence, unity and integrity of its territory”. The public prosecution asserted that from 2005 to August 2013 in and out of Arabic Republic of Egypt they communicated with International Organization for Muslim Brotherhood and its military wing The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) to commit Terrorist attacks in Egypt as they agreed together to collaborate in committing terrorist attacks in country against its properties, institutions, employees and citizens in order to spread mess and overthrow Egyptian state, till Muslim Brotherhood group seized the throne and they opened communication channels with official and unofficial foreign bodies to  seek their support, they also got media training courses to implement the agreed plan through spreading rumors and psychological warfare, directing public opinion inside and out to serve their plans, they also made an alliance and coordinated with Jihadist organizations inside and out, and snuck through illegal ways to Gaza strip to receive military training inside camps prepared for that using weapons they smuggled through eastern and western borders of the country, and they also exchanged through international information networks the assignments between themselves and leaders of the International Organization, it is also noted that this decision is before the court passes sentence to knew the Mufti opinion Rightfully.

At the same time, the organization confirms that this is Ruling by Court of First Instance, so defendants who were sentenced in presence for death penalty may challenge the judgement before Court of Cassation and in case of accepting their challenge, they will be tried before another court.

While the defendants against whom the judgement was pronounced in absentia, once they present, the judgement became abate immediately, and the retrial is held as they couldn’t defend themselves before Court of First Instance.

Despite the crimes being tried are very serious and that these judegements passing from First Instance, the organization observes that the number of countries which abolish the death penalty and replace it with life imprisonment increase, as a result the United Nations General Assembly issued in 20 December 1971 its decree which asserts that the aim to be sought for total guarantying the right to life stated in Article (3) of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, is gradually limiting number of crimes that may be punished by the death penalty, considering that the aim targeted at the end is abolishing such penalty in all countries and replacing it with life imprisonment”.

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