The Egyptian organization calls to close the investigation with the lawyer Negad El-Borai

June 4th, 2015 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights expressed its deep concern about the investigation with Mr. Negad El-Borai,”the United Group director”….. Lawyers and legal advisers, and the two judges Asim Abdul-Jabbar and Hisham Raouf, answering them because of their project to combat the crime of torture.

The United Group sent a letter to Mr. President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, early May is attached by an integrated project to combat torture and the use of cruelty and requested reissued as a law as soon as possible, and it has been investigated on the background of this project, as well as the investigation with Hisham Raouf , President Court of Appeal in Cairo, former Assistant Minister of Justice, and Asim Abdul Jabbar, the vice head of the Court of Cassation, on the back of their participation in the development of a draft law to combat torture in prisons and police stations and the headquarters of detention, during events and a workshop organized by the United Group Legal Consultants in the last March.

The organization expresses its deep concern at the harassment of human rights activists, where it is a clear and flagrant violation of the right to association and freedom of opinion and expression, those rights guaranteed under international covenants and conventions on human rights.

For his part, Mr. Hafez Abu Saada, the head of the organization confirmed that civil society organizations played a lead role in the defense of human rights and public rights and freedoms during the previous periods, and called for the maintenance and respect for human rights, also launched many campaigns for the protection of human rights, including a campaign for the end of torture under the title” homeland free from torture”, and therefore it is obvious that The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights is complementing its leadership in the defense of the Egyptian citizen in the stage of democratic transition.

Abu Seada added that the State should join hands with civil society in order to protect human rights and access to reports, data and projects offered by these organizations as part of its role in the protection and respect for human rights, and the achievement of the desired democracy.

Abu Saada called that the government should speed up to make a new law for NGOs to be the governor of the relationship between the state authorities and civil society to come in first place in line with the Egyptian constitution, which emphasized freedom of association, and consistent also with international covenants and conventions on human rights.

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