Counter-terrorism Observatory Luxor incident is a new terrorist crime

June 10th, 2015 by Editor

The Counter-terrorism Observatoryexpresses his great Condemnation of the terrorist incident that Occurredtoday Wednesday June -10 -2015 in the Temple of Karnak atLuxor province, which performed to two terrorists killed.

In Luxor, a terrorist attack occurred by three people who entered one of the cafeterias next to the tourism Busgarage and its far away from the entrance of the Temple of Karnak about 150 meters, they drink lemon juice, where they threw bag with severe effect explosives and this turned two of them to full body parts, while The third, who was carrying anopened fire gun works randomlyand it caused anInjury to two civilians were in the cafeteria.

In northern Sinai, there were firing bullets at police recruit, which led to his death, as frequent explosions were heard in Rafah area, and security forces hadSpreaded heavily in the area, and also closed twoSide roadsthrough the Al-ArishRafah and Sheikh Zuwaid way whish closed to northern Sinai.

the organization Considering that the country has witnessed during the first quarter of 2015 about 1003 variety of terrorist crime, such; a suicide bombing in Sinai, Targeting ambush of the army which led to the martyrdom of 25 soldiers, and the terrorist attacks of Al-Arish on 01/30/2015, which led to the martyrdom of 40 mostly soldiers .

The organization emphasizes that these processes reveals a trend of escalation and the threat of one of the mostTourist economic resources in Egypt,as the reaction of the police is positive and important and capable of defeating terrorism.

For his part, Mr. Hafez Abu Saada, the head of the organization seethat it stillthe major risk of violence and terrorism aimed the citizens and the Egyptianinstitutions which is an integral part of terrorism in the Arab world, which requires international cooperation to combat terrorism and reject all forms of discrimination, especially as it stems from an ideologicalthought seeks to impose control over the communities and holds racist and criminal ideas.

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