The Egyptian Organization declares its solidarity with the Journalists of el-youm7 and demanding their release

June 13th, 2015 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights expressed its solidarity with the Journalists of el-youm7 demanding the government to Committed to international standards whish interested in human rights and relating to the freedom of opinion and expression and the information trading rights.

The Interior Ministry Filed a complaint calling for the imprisonment of Khaled Salah, editor in chief of the el-youm7, and journalist Mr. Falah, editor in the Newspaper, on charges of disturbing the public peace and security in Egypt, because of publishing a news According to some sources and news sites , about the exposure of one of the presidency cars for attacked, although the Journal had published a news denied the incident, and the state security prosecutor investigated with journalists today.

In this regard, the Egyptian Organization confirms that what was done by the newspaper is entering in the scope of freedom of opinion and expression, the right to exchange information, in particular that the public has the right of access to the guaranteed facts under the Constitutional Declaration and international covenants on human rights, particularly with regard to freedom of opinion and expression, stressing that freedom of opinion and expression is considered to be the main support of democratic society, especially in the post-revolution.

For his part, Mr. Hafez Abu Saada, the president of the Egyptian Organization confirmed that the media and the press are considered one of the most important regulatory tools in democratic societies, it must enjoy the freedom of expression so that they can actively participate in the accountability and promote transparency and represent the interests of citizens and defend them, and show the cases of corruption in the society, which should be a Notification for the regulatory agencies and the investigation agencies to investigate all allegations of corruption.

Abu Saada stressed on the importance of a comprehensive review of the various laws relating to restrict of media freedoms and the right of the journalist and media in access to information and publishing it, stressing that there is great amount of laws restricting press and media work and prevent the activation of the principle of exchange of information, especially as the Penal Code still contain an articles to punish the journalists with deprivation of liberty, as well as the absence of a law to disclose the information and circulation.

The head of the Egyptian Organization calls for the importance of work to revise the legislative structure restricting freedom of opinion and expression and make them conform to international covenants on human rights, particularly in the light of the importance of freedom of opinion and expression and freedom of the press in the post-January 25 Revolution community.

President of the organization also called for the release of journalists without any guaranty and to deny the news.



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