A delegation from the human rights organizations to visit the prison May 15

June 21st, 2015 by Editor

A number of leaders of human rights organizations visited the prison May 15, after a call from the human rights sector in the Interior Ministry, and this delegation represented in the following names: Hafez Abu Seada, Alaa Shalabi, Dalia zyada, Hazem Mounir, Mahmoud Badawi, and other persons.

The delegation inspects the prison May 15, a newly opened prison as a central prison for Cairo Security Directorate; this Caged includes 4000 reserve prisoners, which now Contains 3020 reserve prisoner.

The delegation noted that the prison is designed in a modern style to ensure a minimum level of decent living and health care, as the delegation Inspected the prison kitchen whish designed on the modern level, to provide healthy food for prisoners, the prison included an administrative section attached with it an advice room and the Chief Prosecutor and room for lawyers, so as to renew the confinement, buildings were inspected by the delegation and they meet with a number of reserve prisoners.

The delegation commended the modern building and good organization; the delegation also demanded the construction of similar prisons in all provinces whish Rid of the overcrowding that the prisons are suffering from it, and reducing the remand period, and to consider other measures.

Mr. Hafez Abu Seada _the president of the organization_ Confirmed that the experience of the establishment of this prison is an important experience, the existence of a special prison for remand, whish reducing overcrowding in the police departments, and in the case of  more than four-day period they should be relayed to this prison where good and health treatment for reserve prisoners, as Abu Seada Commending the importance of cooperation between the Interior Ministry and human rights organizations, and called for increased cooperation and communication between them, because it works to reduce violations in prisons and police stations, which will be an important step for human rights in Egypt.

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