Counter-terrorism Observatory The Egyptian Organization calls for an investigation into the assassination attempt of public prosecutor and speed to bring the perpetrators to trial

June 29th, 2015 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights condemned the assassination attempted of Mr. Hisham Barakat “public prosecutor”[1] on Monday morning, June 29, 2015 by a bombed car near the Army College Wall, which led to a shoulder dislocated, and Injury to the nose and other bruises, and he was taken to hospital for treatment, and two policemen were wounded by the explosion, including the commander of the crew of the guard, , and one of the building guard, as the explosion resulted in damage to  nine of homes interfaces , 31 smashed car and Burning of 4 cars.

It is noteworthy that the country exposed to a wave of violence aimed at the political and public figures, the police and the armed forces and public institutions after the thirtieth of June revolution and the isolation of President Mohamed Morsi, many of the extremist groups adopted the policy of Political assassinations, including the assassination attempt of the Interior Minister, and the assassination of Colonel Mohammed Mabrouk “the National security officer”.

Accordingly, the organization ask the Egyptian government for the immediate investigation in the assassination attempt of General prosecutor and Bring the perpetrators to trial and punished them to be a deterrent for any one tempted to Violates the human right to life which considered one of the most sacred rights endorsed by international conventions and legislation.

The Organization emphasizes its permanent demands by the need to adopt counter-terrorism strategy based on the promotion of democracy and protection of human rights and to develop security plans to prevent these processes and the need to strengthen international cooperation for the provision of information to thwart terrorist operations and the elimination of the sources of terrorism and to prevent any support from any country in the region to this groups.

[1]. He died later after issuing this statement “Arabic version” in Elnozha Elldaoly Hospital.

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