The Egyptian Organization condemns the terrorist attacks on the military checkpoints in northern Sinai

July 1st, 2015 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights condemned the terrorist attack, which happened today the first of July 2015 on several military checkpoints in the northern Sinai sector, EOHR Confirms that the terrorism is a great violation of human rights, it violates the right to life and terrorizes peaceful citizens and it demands the Speed prosecution of Perpetrators and bring them to the justice.


The armed elements attacked several military checkpoints in El-Sheikh Zuweid, on its head the two Checkpoints “Abu Rifai and Sidra”, they attacked the police station of El-Sheikh Zuweid , detonated a landmine near the Aldharaib checkpoint and fired mortar shells followed by a direct attack with heavy weapons, which led to killing and wounding many men of armed forces, killing (22) of the Terrorist element and Destruction of the (3) vehicles[1] (Land Cruiser) loaded with guns caliber (14.5 mm) Anti-aircraft according to the Military spokesman statement.

EOHR is stressing the need to pursue these terrorist organizations that their terrorist acts not belong to the Monotheistic religions, which aim to eliminate the protectors of the country and its stability.

EOHR confirms the confidence of the Egyptian people in rooting out the terrorism in the end, it calls for the need to bring the perpetrators of these criminal acts to justice and the need to combat terrorism in various ways, as a crime against humanity, regardless of their motivation, the place, the time and by whomever committed, as the Constitution and the law denied it.

EOHR is following current events on the ground through its members in North Sinai.


[1] After publishing this statement, the number of dead terrorists rose to 207 and the number of destructive vehicle to 20.

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