“EOHR” calls for the Egyptian government to immediately investigate on the bombing of the Italian Consulate

July 11th, 2015 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights condemned the bombing of Italian Consulate on Saturday morning, July 11, 2015, which caused in killing one citizen and wounding seven others, including a woman and smashed the interface of the Italian consulate, in an escalation of terrorist operations in Egypt in the recent period and an attempt to destabilize the Egyptian national security.

The preview of principle has proven that the bombing surroundings Italian consulate was happened by a bombing car brand “Fiat” found its engine on the highest of October Bridge, and the explosion caused the volatility of its motor on the highest of October Bridge, indicating that the material used in the bombing has been placed in front of the car next to the motor, as the preview suggested, that the bombing was not aimed at the Italian Consulate, but was aimed at the Checkpoints a few meters away from the consulate building.

“EOHR” considers that this process resulted in the death of a civilian and wounding seven others in a clear violation of the right to life which considered the most sacred rights guaranteed under international conventions on human rights.

“EOHR” confirms that the continuation of terrorist operations in this way will lead to further insistence on the fight against terrorism, and that extremist groups will not hinder the Egyptian state to achieve the desired democratic transformation and to achieve its hope to relocate to the ranks of democratic nations.

But at the same time, “EOHR” stresses that security agencies should work with full force to eliminate terrorists who violate the right to life, and work to achieve a prompt justice to eliminate the terrorism.

“EOHR” calls for the Egyptian government and the Ministry of the Interior to take all speed measures to the arrest of the perpetrators of this criminal incident and bring them to justice so as to be a deterrent to those who threaten the security of this country and terrorize innocent citizens in it.

For his part, MR. Hafez Abu Saada confirmed that the spread of terrorist operations in this way is intended to return the Egyptian state to zero box again, and to be modeled on neighboring countries, which saw internal fighting and struggle for political power.

Abu Saada added that these conditions require the cooperation of all state agencies for the elimination of terrorism, which threatens the Egyptian state and seeks to eliminate its leadership, and perhaps the recent terrorist attack in Sinai, which was seeking to declare a state within the Egyptian state, is a good example of this.

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