The Egyptian Organization issued its report entitled “When the accidents of transport ends in Egypt?!”

July 30th, 2015 by Editor

The “EOHR” issued on Thursday, July 30, 2015 report entitled “When the negligence of transport ends in Egypt?!” Which includes incident of sinking boat in Allwaraq[1] that came along to the marine, fluvial and road Transportation accidents which caused the death of hundreds of people?

The report was monitored Constant repetition of this disaster, but the officials did not find a solution, and still all forms of transport, whether marine or fluvial or road is unsafe, and require the intervention of the Egyptian government to resolve this problem.

The report emphasized that there are many legal irregularities that caused the occurrence of this crime, Where the Nile boat collisions with the ship transporting goods in Allwaraq came as a result of their violation of the law and the sail laws. The compound does not have a sailing license and the ship transporting goods is not allowed to sail at night, which is contrary to Inland Navigation Law No. 10 of 1956, and here, according to the law, the responsible for the accident is the Ministry of Transport, not the Ministry of Irrigation.

The report addressed the witness of the eyewitnesses of the fact-finding mission dispatched by the Organization, which confirmed that the boat began to sink at about half past nine pm, noting that there is two boat passengers jumped in the Nile during drowning, according to the witnesses said, stressing that the ship transporting goods which shocked the launch was coming from Al-kanater area, and rammed the boat, which was coming from the garden of the Nile and that after the disaster tried as much as possible to help steeped and at the first time he rescued 9 people, at the second time seven people and in the last time was one lady and that most of the injured were children and women, there were two or three alive and the rest was in the case of syncope, and the River police arrived after the incident about 10 minutes, and most of the deceased was transferred to the Nasser Institute and others to Imbaba Hospital, the ship transporting goods was walking without lighting and it is forbidden to walk in water after 4 pm, and all the families that were in the boat drowned after the clash of the boat and the ship.

The report also addressed the results of the “EOHR’s” fact-finding mission for the severe violations committed against these innocent and most importantly the lack of state agencies for a mechanism to deal with crises, whether immediate or future, There are many factors that led to the escalation of the crisis Results, which are as follows:

  1. Bureaucratic performance:
    Despite the seriousness of the incident, the performance of the Official bodies was not quickly and they wasn’t able to take the right decision, due to the usual bureaucracy.
  2. Impunity of the accused from punishment:
    Allwaraq incident came in the wake of a series of human accidents such as Maadi boat accident, and the ship transporting phosphate, and in all of these incidents there is no any defendants provided for trial, which led to impunity and the repetition of such incidents.
  3. Law without sanctions:
    The causes of the impunity of criminals are not only limited to the corruption and the lack of criminal investigations, but the Egyptian legislation is a major causative agent for the recurrence of such disasters, and we find that  the legislator regulates many of the comic sanctions that do not fit with crime.

[1] Allwaraq is a city located at north of Egypt.

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