Us assistant secretary of state visit the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights

August 3rd, 2015 by Editor

In the framework of the Egyptian-American strategic dialogue, Mr. Tom Malinowski “the US Assistant Secretary of State for democracy and human rights Affairs” visit the “EOHR” on Monday morning, August 3, 2015, and he met with Mr. Hafez Abu Saada “ the President of EOHR” and Ahmed Abdel-Hafiz “the Vice President” and Listen to a full explanation about the Organization’s efforts in promoting the human rights in Egypt under the new Egyptian constitution which Contains values and principles of human rights, and also the Egypt’s obligations to the United Nations in the Periodic Review and in light of the war against terrorism waged by Egypt.

The dialogue also addressed the issues of civil society and the NGO law and its importance to facilitate the work of associations and monitoring the parliamentary elections, which is the third step in the road map for a democratic state.

The responsible for “EOHR” has warned of the seriousness of some American policies toward the terrorist organizations and their supporting, encouraging these organizations to continue in the terrorist attacks , which consequent heavy pressure in the human rights situation in Egypt and to attract public opinion to respond to the efforts of human rights organizations, chiefly the support of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights, especially in light of severe overstatement from the media in the number of prisoners .

“EOHR” Expresses her satisfaction for this dialogue and appreciates the keen of the Assistant Secretary of State to clarify the point of view of the American Foreign Affairs and calls for the continuation of the Egyptian efforts, chiefly the efforts of human rights organizations to explain the facts to public opinion, inside and outside the country, as part of its efforts to defend human rights in Egypt.

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