Counter-terrorism Observatory “EOHR” condemns the execution of Croatian hostage in Sinai by Daash

August 12th, 2015 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights condemned the execution of the Croatian hostage by the terrorist organization “Daash”(isis) in Sinai on Wednesday, 12/08/2015, and considers it a serious violation of the most basic human rights, and demands the quickly prosecution of offenders and the maximum punishment on them.

Daash announced, through his accounts in Sinai, the slaughter of the Croatian hostage “Tomislav Slubk” after the expiration of the time fixed by them for the Government of Egypt for the release of prisoners followers militant organizations and exchange them with him.

Daash said that he killed the Croatian hostage after the expiry of the deadline and because of the abandonment of him by the Egyptian government and the government of his country.

The hostage said that elements of Daash(isis) in Sinai captured him, on Wednesday, July 22, 2015 and wants to exchange him with prisoners in Egyptian prisons.

He explained that he works in the Cairo branch of the French company, “CGG” for the oil services, while Croatian Foreign Affairs said that the kidnapped aged 31 was kidnapped when he was on his way to work.

It said that there is an armed group stopped the Croatian car and forced the driver to go out of the car, and then it went in an unknown direction, adding that it in contact with the Croatian Embassy in Cairo, the French company and Croatian family to check on him.

“EOHR” emphasizes that what happened was a criminal act that violates the most basic human rights; the right to life, and this right guaranteed by the international conventions it Article III of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Article VI of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

“EOHR” condemns the recurrence of such terrorist acts that targeting innocent lives, and stresses to the need to fight Daash(isis), the need to work on the restoration of peace and international security, and the existence of this terrorist organization threatens peace, so we should speed up to form  an international coalition to eliminate it inside Egyptian territory.

For his part, _ Hafez Abu Saada _”The head of EOHR”  said that the terrorist acts that taking place in the Arab world recently is painful and therefore Condemnation and denunciation are not enough. It must put an end to this dangerous acts through speed uncover the truth and Punish anyone who commits a terrorist acts that target lives and property.

Abu Saada demanded the necessity of accounting state that support terrorism and create a political environment cooperated to fight terrorism, and create a social environment that refuses the extremist ideas in all its forms.

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