The continued violation of freedom of opinion and expression The Egyptian Organization condemns the confiscation of the weekly number of newspaper “Sawt al-Umma”

August 17th, 2015 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights express its deep regret for the confiscation of the weekly number of (newspaper Sawt al-Umma), that was supposed to be issued on Thursday, 08/13/2015, which considered as a violation of a human right guaranteed by international conventions and provided for in the Constitution and the law.

The weekly number of newspaper Sawt al-Umma, which its Editor in Chief “Abdel Halim Qandil”, was confiscated because it addressed many issues including: (Mubarak gang, President Sorrows, conversion of state land to cabarets in Al-muhandisin, the fall of Mona Abouda Empire “the partner of al zind”, Ashraf Al-arabi threaten the throne of Mahlab).

The Editor of the newspaper _ Abdel Halim Qandil _ also said that the issue that has been confiscated is social and it is not linked to anything else, and this was also repeated with him before the opening of the new Suez Canal where some of the titles have been deleted from the newspaper, and there was a topic related to the businessman Ahmed Ezz has been confiscated.

“EOHR” emphasizes that the repetition of the confiscation and intimidation of the press and media is a waste of international standards of freedom of opinion and expression, which also guaranteed by the Egyptian Constitution in the thirteenth article, which states that “the freedom of press, printing, publication and mass media shall be guaranteed, the Censorship on newspapers is forbidden, warning, stopping or canceling by administrative means is forbidden.”

“EOHR” also calls for the Egyptian government and the presidency institution the right deal with such repeated facts and open an urgent investigation to stop these violations which refers to an organized policy to undermine the press and media and prevent criticism of the state institutions.

For his part, Hafez Abu Saada _The Head of “EOHR _ confirmed that what happened to the newspaper Sawt al-Umma is contrary to the Constitution and law and represents a violation of freedom of the press, and attempts to intimidate the press and the media that criticizing state institutions.

Abu Saada also calls for an end to such violations, which works to restrict the freedoms and rights guaranteed by international conventions on human rights and provided for in the Egyptian Constitution and the law.


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