The international human rights organizations focusing on issues of terrorism in the Arab world in the Human Rights Council, in a seminar under the title of Yemen between human rights violations and commissions of inquiry

October 1st, 2015 by Editor

The Arab Federation for Human Rights has organized a seminar entitled Human rights and terrorism in the Arab world in cooperation with the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights, the Ecumenical Organization for Human Rights and Development, the step Association for human rights and the Gulf network for Human Rights, and it was on the sidelines of the Human Rights Council session number 30 in Geneva on Wednesday, September 30th, 2015 at the headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva.

The most important key points addressed by the seminar are to clarify human rights violations against Yemen and its impact on the Yemeni people, especially violations that occur against women and children.

All speakers stressed on the need to activate the national commissions of inquiry, which would monitor the real situation on the ground to clarify the true image in Yemen without any politicization, with the emphasis on the importance of starting to put the mechanisms to protect civilians from the war crimes committed until this moment.

Dr. Ahmad Thani Al Hamli, The head of the Arab Federation for Human Rights has referred that the international community must be committed to its primary role in the protection of human rights in Yemen through supporting the legitimate government of Yemen and enable them to exercise the legal and constitutional role and This will only be achieved through activating the UN resolutions, particularly resolution 16/22 of Security Council.

Mr. Hafez Abu Saada, The head of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights also stressed that the international community is required to address the violations that occur to the human rights against the people of Yemen since the coup against legitimacy, and the perpetrators of violations and war crimes should be punished, so we have to support the commission of inquiry and promote it with the experts to do their duty in accordance with the international human rights standards.

Ayman Nasry, The executive director of the Ecumenical Organization for Human Rights and Development in Geneva noted that the organization of these seminars is in the framework of activating cooperation between human rights organizations in the Arab region in order to provide human rights issues in the region for the international community neutrally and objectively in order to block the way to some international organizations that exchange politicized reports and have agendas especially in the countries of the Arab region and claims to be an official sponsor of human rights in the countries of the region and trying to create a state of division in the region.

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