Errors within electoral committees: electoral campaigns, influencing voters, offering bribes

October 18th, 2015 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR)

The Results of the follow-up of the Parliamentary elections of 2015

Second Report

Errors within electoral committees: electoral campaigns, influencing voters, offering bribes

The EOHR continues to track and follow the parliamentary elections operating in the face of many challenges such as the electoral campaigns influencing voters, delays in taking votes etc. The following report states violations occurring during the elections that took place until one o’clock in the afternoon.

Errors within committees:

El-Minya Governorate:

EOHR staff, serving as supervisors in the electoral committees in Tenda Primary School in Malawi center, recorded the absence of the head of committee until twelve o’clock in the afternoon. Furthermore, other EOHR supervisors in another location—Abna’a el Thawra Primary School in Bani Mazar and Matai districts—recorded the absence of the judge from the committee as well as not receiving any paper  ballots.

El-Giza Governorate:

 EOHR supervisors of the electoral committee, located at Manial Shiha Primary School Giza Center, reported that the ballot drop boxes were labeled “presidential elections” instead of “parliamentary elections” while it should have stated the latter. In addition, the forms pertaining to corporate and individual elections were reported to be missing the required stamps.

EOHR supervisors of committees 18-20, located at Al-Qababat School, reported a delay in the taking of votes due to the absence of judges which lead to not opening the gates of the electoral committees until eleven o’clock in the morning.

EOHR supervisors of committees’ number 49 and 50, located at Bani Hamad Primary School in El-Hawamdeya village El-Minya Center, reported the appointed judge—Chairman of the Committee—as unable to attend the electoral event.

Luxor Governorate:

EOHR supervisors of the electoral committee number 3, located at Salah El-Din School, reported the inexistence of curtains leaving the voters exposed without privacy.

Asyut Governorate:

EOHR supervisors of the committee number 15, located at Korashi High Darout Center, reported the absence of the Chairman of the Electoral Committee.

 EOHR supervisors of the electoral committee located at Mahran Salaf Junior High reported seeing candidates’ personal vehicles transporting civilians to the above electoral location to give their votes. Although candidates’ transportation of voters is not considered a legal violation, it must be officially included within the funding of the electoral campaign.

Electoral Bribes:

El-Giza Governorate:

EOHR supervisors of committees 27-32, located at El-Manyal Shiha Primary School El-Giza Center, reported a campaign member of an electoral candidate bribing the voters through the distribution of monetary funds.

At another committee located in Ahmed Lotfi el-Sayed School, EOHR supervisors reported the supporters of one of the electoral candidates distributing candies to voters from a mini-van.

Electoral Campaign: The New Valley Governorate:

EOHR supervisors of committee number 18—located at el-Amal Primary School, el-Kharga—reported one of the candidate’s team members attempt to influence the voters.

AL-Fayoum Governorate:

EOHR supervisors reported an electoral campaign held by one of the candidates outside of the electoral committee where civilians are giving their votes; this took place at the Abu-Kessa School, Youssef el Sedeeq Abshawi Center.

At the electoral committee held at Al-Nasereya School El-Sawaqi Center, EOHR supervisors reported Al-Nour political party taking digital pictures of the paper ballots and distributing copies of those pictures to gather votes for their candidate.

Al-Minya Governorate:

EOHR supervisors of the committee located at El-Gomhoreya Primary School, Al-Minya Center, reported that an argument took place between two of the electoral candidates as one took the fan assigned to the committee to the Chairman’s office. The conflict ended after the second candidate threatened to take legal course of action which made the first candidate bring the fan back for the committee’s use.

The EOHR supervisors stationed at the School for Deaf and Mute in El-Minya Governorate reported a candidate’s sibling distributing monetary aid to voters.

Bani-Souef Governorate:

EOHR supervisors in committees 7, 9, and 10–located in Mostafa Kamel Primary School—reported a delay in opening the committees’ gates to take votes until eleven o’clock in the morning.



Al-Minya Governorate:

EOHR supervisors of committees 110, 111—located at Der El-Garnous, Maghagha Center—reported delays in opening the gates of the two committees until eleven o’clock in the morning. This delay also applies on committees 107, 108 at Zahra Primary School, committee 51 in Saft El-Khamar village, Al-Minya Center, and committees 21, 22, 24 at Bani-Mazar School.

Violence and bullying [sic]


Alexandria Governorate:

EOHR supervisors reported that messages were delivered to the supervising judges over the electoral processes and those one sentence messages read: “Your life in exchange of the elections.”

El-Giza Governorate:

Atef El-Estanbouli School, El-Badrashin—EOHR supervisors reported reoccurring feuds amongst candidates’ supporters due to electoral briberies. Army forces intervened which led to electoral committees shutting down for twenty minutes until conflict was resolved.

Influencing the voters’ free will [sic]

Alexandria Governorate:

EOHR supervisors located at Om Salma School, Abd El-Qader district, reported that members of Al-Nour political party pressed charges against other candidates’ supporters and team members to influence civilians’ votes.

Bani-Seouf Governorate:

EOHR supervisors at committees 1,2, located at a Junior High for girls, reported the presence of some candidates’ supporters to influence civilians to vote for their contestant.

Asyut Governorate:

EOHR supervisors located at Abu-Bakr el-Sedeeq Junior High for girls, reported the presence of electoral candidates outside the committee to recruit votes.

The New Valley Governorate:

EOHR supervisors at committee 18—located at el-Amal Primary School—reported a candidate’s team member attempt to direct and/or influence a civilian’s vote while filling out the paper ballot.

Aswan Governorate:

Committee number 99 located at Mohamed el-Taher School, Koum Embo Center, witnessed a candidate’s attempt to direct voters.

Al Fayoum Governorate:

EOHR supervisors at committees 4,6,9—located at Bani Etman School, Snouras Center—reported a supporter of an electoral candidate attempting to also direct and influence voters.







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