Delayed opening polling stations – low turnout – breach of electoral propaganda controls

October 27th, 2015 by Editor


Delay in opening polling stations, low turnout, and breach of electoral propaganda controls

 The results of the follow-up to the parliamentary elections 2015

 The first report of the run-off (the first stage)

 Delayed opening polling stations – low turnout – breach of electoral propaganda controls

 Launched on Tuesday morning, 10/27/2015, run-off elections, the House of Representatives, the first phase, in 14 governorates, to compete with 418 candidates, 209 seats, B99 Dairah election, after the Supreme Committee decided to suspend the elections circles and the city of Damanhour Center, and Sand first and second, and Wasta, and Bandar and the center of Beni Suef, stabbed them, by the candidates, to be determined later in the date of the electoral process those circles.

Elections are held in the governorates of Aswan, Assiut, Alexandria , Luxor,  the Red Sea and the lake, Giza, Fayoum, Minya,  New Valley, Beni Suef, Sohag, Qena, and Matrouh.


The Higher Elections Commission had announced the victory of only four candidates out of 2548 candidates in the individual system in the results of the first phase of parliamentary elections which took place on October 17 and October 18.


The first phase of the elections were held last week amid weak. HEC said the turnout was 26.56%.


The Egyptian Organization has spotted numerous violations until the issuance of this report at exactly noon  and that such delay in opening the door of the committees and electoral bribes and prevent the entry of agents of candidates from entering polling stations and directing voters and irregularities in the electoral campaign can be explained as follows: –


Delay in opening the door of the committees:


Assiut Governorate


EOHR supervisors monitored committees (15-18) Qusiya secondary school for boys, Qusiya center , where that was a delay in opening the doors of the committees until 9:30.


As well as the committees (1-5) School Mehran otherwise Preparatory School For Girls Qusiya center, which did not open its doors until 9:15.


Observers of the Egyptian Organization reported delays in opening polling station No. “54,” which did not open its doors until 9:45.




Supervisors of EOHR reported delays in opening five sub-committees as a result of problems in proving the identification of candidates’ representatives.


EOHR supervisors reported polling station No. (17) of secondary school Imbaba, Sudan Street, Imbaba, not opening until the 9:30.


EOHR supervisors also monitor the delayed opening of the 102 Institute of the Department of Religious Spans facility, which did not open its doors until 10:30.


In the province of Minya

The Egyptian Organization reported that polling station No. (109), Unity School in the village of Tenda Mallawy center, did not open its doors until 9:45 due to the absence of the Chairman of the Committee.


New Valley Governorate


EOHR supervisors reported the delayed opening of the Committees Major General Sabih Dakhla, where the second circuit did not open the doors until 9:30 because of the distances of these committees and the late arrival of the judges.


Directing voters: –


In the province of Minya

EOHR observers monitoring committees (32-35) Reagent elementary school Bandar Mallawy, reported attempts of directing voters in favor of the Liberal Party candidate.


The Egyptian Organization observers monitoring committees No. (27-29), Trade School Girls Bandar Minya, reported attempts of directing voters | also in favor of the Free Egyptians Party candidate.


EOHR supervisors of committees (18-20) reported more directing of voters in favor of the Free Egyptians Party and an independent candidate within the same filter circuit.


EOHR supervisors monitoring committees (56 -59) Kafr El-Mansoura elementary school Bandar Minya, reported more attempts to direct voters in favor of candidates’ circuit.


Election propaganda: –


The Egyptian Organization monitors the presence of propaganda posters at committees (7-11), Salah Salem Elementary School Obokerkas Center, committees (12-14) Religious Institute, Salamout center, Committees (15-17) secondary school, and committees (39-49) Peace elementary school Bandar Minya.


Prevention of candidates’ agents from entering polling stations: –


Beni Suef province


The Egyptian Organization present at committee No.76, reported the Chairman of the Committee to deny entry to all of candidates’ agents and  to request a proof of their authorizations.



Acts of bullying and violence: –


Beheira Governorate


EOHR supervisors witnessed a defused explosive device next to Rahmaniyah School, Alrgomanah Center.

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