Low turnout, delay in opening polling stations, electoral propaganda

October 28th, 2015 by Editor

Low turnout, delay in opening polling stations, electoral propaganda

The results of the follow-up to the parliamentary elections 2015

The first report for the second day (the run-off for the first phase)

  Voting began on Wednesday morning 10/28/2015, the second day of the run-off of the first phase of the parliamentary elections.

Elections are held in 14 governorates are: Giza, Fayoum, Beni Suef, Minya, Assiut, New Valley, Sohag, Qena, Luxor, Aswan, the Red Sea, Alexandria, Beheira, and Marsa Matrouh.


It was about 27% of the electorate voted in the first round at home and abroad, according to the High Elections Commission, and the tour took place on 17 and 18 of this month externally and on the 18th and 19th, internally.



There are 420 candidates competing for 209 parliamentary seats this electoral round; the elections were stopped in four constituencies within the three provinces according to a judicial decision issued in this regard from the administrative courts of the State Council. The number of constituencies where make-up elections took place is 99 constituencies during the first stage of the run-off.


Victory was declared for four candidates as they won four individual seats during the first round of the first phase of the elections; all four received the absolute majority votes (50% of the valid votes +1).


The Egyptian Organization has spotted some irregularities such as delayed opening for the committees in some electoral commissions, electoral propaganda, attempts to influence voters, and errors in the committees.


This statement displays all violations and abuses observed by the Egyptian Organization until twelve o’clock; these violations are stated as follows:


Delayed opening of Committees: –


Minya Governorate:


EOHR observers monitored the delayed opening of Committees (23-27), at Liberation elementary school, Bandar Malwa.


EOHR supervisors monitoring committees number (15-17), School of Agriculture Basmalout, reported doors not being open until 9.45.






New Valley Governorate:


EOHR observers monitoring committee Tokhrvath talented west of the center involved because of the late arrival of judge where the Commission did not open the doors until the time at ten o’clock in the morning.


Luxor Province:


EOHR observers monitoring the delayed opening of the Committee (78) School Health Unit Esna Center until 10:00.


Aswan Province:


EOHR observers monitoring committee number (50) School of Imam Hussein Kom Ombo Center, reported that the doors did not open until 10:00.


Directing voters: –


Giza :


EOHR supervisors monitoring committees (6-8), reported that supporters of two candidates were publicly directing voters outside the polling stations.


Minya Governorate:


EOHR observers monitoring committees (7-11), Salah Salem School, reported the use of laptops meanwhile directing voters to vote in favor of certain candidates.


Observers of EOHR reported attempts to direct voters in committees No. (23-27), Liberation elementary school, Bandar Malwa, in favor of one of the candidates.


EOHR observers monitored supporters of a candidate directing voters in committees No. (22-24), Bandar Minya.


The Egyptian Organization supervisors reported the directing of voters in committees No. (151-153), Ruby Elementary School,  Samalout Center, in favor of one of the candidates.


The Egyptian Organization observers reported more directing of voters in the committees (56-59), Kafr El Mansoura Elementary School, Bandar Minya, in favor of one of the candidates.


EOHR supervisors’ at polling stations No. (18-20) , Abu Qarqas center, reported a candidate’s representative directing and influencing voters.






Assiut Province:


EOHR supervisors at Mahran Khalaf school, reported candidates’ representatives use of laptops inside the polling stations, in an attempt to direct voters.




EOHR supervisors, at el-degera primary school, esna center, reported that supporters of candidates directed and influenced civilians to vote for their same candidates of choice.


Electoral propaganda:



EOHR supervisors, at polling stations No. 5 and 6, reported the use of electoral banners. Furthermore, “Ayed Hamman Ayed,” supporter of candidate No.2 at el-Margha circuit, was arrested.


Non-use of phosphoric ink:


EOHR supervisors at polling station No.3, Moussa Primary School, Kom Embo Center, reported that voters are not using the phosphoric ink assigned for stamping, although it was available.



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