Money Conquers Politics during the Elections

November 22nd, 2015 by Editor

Money Conquers Politics during the Elections

The Results of the follow-up of the Parliamentary Elections 2015

        The Third Report of the First day of the Second Stage

        The voting process continued as the turnout of voters increased after the one hour long break (2:30 to 3:30 pm). Simultaneously, electoral bribes also increased while police and security forces put forth a strict plan to ensure safety of all civilians. The voting process is ongoing until 9 pm today (Monday 22nd), in 13 governorates: Cairo, El-Qalyoubeya, El-Gharbeya, el-Monoufeya, El-Sharqeya, El-Ismailiya, Domyat, Kafr El-Sheikh, and Port-Said.

This report also records and demonstrates all violations taking place during today’s electoral elections, as follows:-

Electoral Bribes:


EOHR supervisors reported an electoral candidate building a tunnel where he distributed electoral bribes for 150 Egyptian Pounds per vote. Furthermore, EOHR supervisors—stationed at “Abu-El-Seoud” and “Om-El-Moemeneen” primary schools—observed votes being bought for 50 Egyptian Pounds per vote.

EOHR supervisors at polling station No. 152—“Abd El-Meneam Reyad,” El Sharabeya Circuit, reported an individual getting arrested with a fraudulent paper ballot for both candidates “Sedeeq Afifi” and “Omar Watani.” This incident led the head of the committee—“Mohamed Youssef”—to press charges, Docket No. 9798, 2015.

EOHR supervisors—El-Zaher and El-Wayli Circuits—witnessed the arrest of four individuals as they were buying votes for a 100 Egyptian pound per vote.

EOHR supervisors reported food stock bribes (chicken, sugar, meat, cooking oil, etc.) at the following polling stations: Sarai El-Qoba Junior High for girls, El-Wadi School, “Farid Tayel” School, and El-Ameeriya.


EOHR supervisors reported more electoral bribes for a 100 Egyptian pounds per vote, at polling stations “El-Nokrashi” and “Fatma El-Zahraa” Schools.

At “Al-Malek El-Saleh” School, serving as polling station, EOHR supervisors reported votes being bought for 150 Egyptian Pounds, in favor of electoral candidate with the symbol (crocodile).

At El-Maadi Circuit, EOHR supervisors observed more electoral bribes distributed by the candidate with the (watch) symbol; these bribes were estimated to be of 50 Egyptian Pounds per vote.


The Liberation Party candidate, “Mohamed Abu El-Seoud,” pressed charges, Docket No. 3208/2015, against another electoral candidate for distributing bribes in exchange for votes. He also pressed charges against the agents of the same candidate, Docket No. 3209/2015.




EOHR supervisors reported the setting up of small office spaces, by two electoral candidates with symbols (light lamp) and an (eagle), in order to distribute electoral bribes of 100 Egyptian pounds per vote. These offices were set up outside of polling stations “El-Tawfekeya” Primary School, Kafr Saad Center.



EOHR supervisors, at polling station No. 97-100 at Meen-El-Ez School, Faqus Center, reported the use of a fraudulent ballot paper bought for 50 to 100 Egyptian Pounds per paper.

EOHR supervisors at polling stations No.10 and 11—El-Malaken Primary School—reported an electoral candidate’s (canon symbol) attempt to direct and influence voters, leading to the head of the committee having to dismiss him from the polling station.


EOHR supervisors at polling station No.4, reported more use of a fraudulent ballot paper, at “Al-Qotour” Primary School.

EOHR supervisors at polling station No. 2—“Shaheed Abdo” School, Tanta Center—witnessed a voter’s name taken out of the voters’ records under false pretences.

Outside of polling station “Nasser” Primary School, security forces arrested four agents of an electoral candidate, as they carried laptops inside the polling station, and 4 thousand Egyptian pounds to be distributed to voters in exchange for their vote. Charges were pressed against these agents, Docket No. 6126.


EOHR supervisors at polling stations No. 97 and 98, Meet Abu-Ezz Primary School, as well as polling stations No. 99 and 100, reported more use of the fraudulent paper ballot, in favor of the Liberation Party candidate.

Directing and Influencing voters:


EOHR supervisors reported the arrest of a woman due to her possession of identification cards of random individuals, as well as her attempts to direct and influence voters in favor of the (eagle) electoral candidate.



EOHR supervisors—outside of El-Khes polling station—reported an argument between agents of two different candidates, as both groups attempt to direct voters.


EOHR supervisors reported the arrest of a candidate’s agent, as he initiated an electoral propaganda inside of polling station No.11 at El Sharabeya School. This led the head of the committee to press charges against this agent.



EOHR supervisors reported a group of youth attempting to influence voters, all in favor of one particular candidate, with their use of laptops for electoral propaganda purposes.



EOHR supervisors, at Mansura City, reported that “Noaman Samir”, an electoral candidate, filed a request to stop the elections and start a make-up of the process. Furthermore, the candidate of the Conservative Party resigned from the elections; however voters were misled to think that some other candidates also resigned.

Preventing Voters from entering polling stations:


EOHR supervisors at polling station No.34 reported the prevention of another fellow supervisor “Mohamed Bakri” from entering the polling station, although he holds a valid authorization card for supervision.


EOHR supervisors—at polling station No.116, Abu-Bakr Sedeeq School—reported more prevention of  other EOHR supervisors, that is “Mohamed Ahmed Abd-El-Raouf”, from enetering the polling station although he also holds a valid permit.

Group Transportation:


EOHR supervisors reported group transportation of voters in taxi cabs, to give their votes to one particular candidate that is the (watch) symbol; this took place at polling stations No.  2-5, El-Maadi.


EOHR supervisors—bandar El-Santa Center—reported more group transportation of voters in favor of three electoral candidates.

Errors and oversights within polling stations:


EOHR supervisors, at polling station No.111, reported that the head of supervising committee refused to allow a voter to use his passport as a means of identification.

Electoral propaganda: EOHR supervisors reported the presence of a vehicle (license plate 169222), carrying out electoral propaganda in favor of a certain candidate; this took place outside of “Fakhr El-Din” School, Mansura City.

EOHR supervisors further reported more electoral propaganda, outside of polling station “Mohamed Galal Osman” School.




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