Use of Big Money in Politics

November 23rd, 2015 by Editor

Use of Big Money in Politics

The Third Report of the Second Day of the Second Stage


As of this evening, Monday November 23rd, the first round of the second stage of the elections is now over. During the past two days, as the turnout rate has been mediocre, electoral propaganda and bribes have surfaced, which is a violation of laws pertaining to elections. Monetary bribe has been a tool used by multiple candidates, especially, in the poorer neighborhoods, during these elections. Until just a few hours before the end of the elections, votes were still being bought and sold. In addition to bribes and propaganda, there has also been violence and use of force; all of which are illegal acts in violation of decision No.74 issued by the Higher electoral committee.

Electoral Propaganda:


EOHR supervisors reported that supporters of the electoral candidate, with the (watch) symbol, used sound speakers for propaganda purposes and to direct voters to choose said candidate.

EOHR supervisors at polling stations No. 63-66, “Abd El-Nadeem” Primary school, El Matareya Circuit, reported that the supporters of an electoral candidate, (crocodile) symbol, distributed flyers in favor of said candidate. Outside the same polling stations, there has also been more electoral propaganda for another candidate, with a (gun) as his electoral symbol.


Al Gharbeya

EOHR supervisors reported the violation of the “rule of silence” during the electoral process, in favor of electoral candidate “Abd El-Moteleb Mohamed El-Helw,” Samanud circuit.


Directing and influencing voters


EOHR supervisors, at Kafr Ebrash Youth Center, Mashtul Circuit, reported that two agents of a candidate were directing voters inside the polling station, leading the head of the committee to order security to detain them.

Outside of El Hassineya School, El Hassineya Center, EOHR supervisors witnessed more propaganda, with the use of flyers and phone speakers, in favor of certain candidates.

More attempts to direct and influence voters were reported to take place outside of El-Shoubek Village polling stations, Zakazeek Center.


EOHR supervisors reported that the head of polling station No.47, pressed charges against a candidate’s agent for his attempt to influence voters, in favor of said candidate.

Electoral Bribes


EOHR supervisors reported the giving out of electoral bribes in exchange of votes, a 100 Egyptian pounds per vote, in favor of the electoral candidate with the (watch) symbol. This event took place outside of the following polling stations: Mandur High, Nahda Hadissa, and Maadi High School for girls, Maadi Circuit.

EOHR supervisors reported the arrest of 5 agents of the above said candidate, due to their distribution of electoral bribes outside of Maadi polling stations.

Outside of “Omar Ben- Abd El-Aziz” polling station, votes were bought for 50 to 100 Egyptian Pounds per vote, in favor of a particular candidate.

EOHR supervisors reported other electoral bribes, estimated at 100 to 150 Egyptian Pounds per vote, outside of  “El-Malek El-Saleh” and the Science Institute polling stations.

Al Sharkeya

EOHR supervisors reported the distribution of food in exchange for votes, outside of “Abdallah Fekri” School, Zakazeek Circuit.

EOHR supervisors also reported the distribution of meat and bread in exchange for votes, outside of the “Commercial Art Institute.”

Kafr El Sheikh

Outside of “Baltim” High School, supporters of candidate “Youness Abd-El-Razak” distributed electoral bribes of 100 Egyptian pounds per vote.

El Gharbeya

EOHR supervisors reported the distribution of goodie bags to voters, with candidates’ pictures and electoral numbers printed on them; this took place in Bandar Tanta.

Violence and Use of Force


EOHR supervisors reported the outburst of quarrels amongst different candidates’ supporters, outside of “Amr Ben El-Ass” and “Om El-Moemeneen” polling stations.

More quarrels took place outside of “Khaled Ben El-Waleed” polling station.

El Monoufeya

EOHR supervisors reported more quarrel outburst between the supporters of the two candidates, “Nedal Mandour” and “Maged Abu El-Kheir.”

Non-use of Phosphoric Ink 


EOHR supervisors reported a voter’s refusal to use the phosphoric ink available at the polling station No.114, the Religious Institute, Fayed Center.

Errors within voting records

El Dakahleya

EOHR supervisors reported the denying of a civilian of his right to vote, at polling station Bandar el Mansura, due to his profession.






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