Violence and Use of Force—Electoral Bribes—Electoral Propaganda—Directing and Influencing Voters

December 1st, 2015 by Editor

Violence and Use of Force—Electoral Bribes—Electoral Propaganda—Directing and Influencing Voters:-

The Second Report of the First Day (Second Stage Run-Off)

The election process is still ongoing for the second and final stage of the Parliamentary elections. The first few hours of the elections witnessed a low turnout and a slow pace. The run-offs are taking place today and will continue through tomorrow in the same 13 governorates as follows: Cairo, El-Qalyoubeya, El-Dakahleya, El-Monofeya, El-Gharbeya, Kafr el-Sheikh, El-Sharqeya, Domyat, Port-Said, El-Ismailiya, El-Swess, North and South Sinai. The number of electoral candidates is 426, competing for 27 million and 503 thousand and 913 votes. These 426 candidates are competing on 9 seats in 5 governorates during the first round of this process.

The Egyptian Organization of Human Rights has recorded a series of violations as follows: Electoral Bribes, violating the code of silence, violence and use of force, directing and influencing voters.


Errors and Oversights within Polling Stations:


North Sinai:

EOHR supervisors reported that supervising judges, of polling stations No. 23 and 24, left without notice, while on duty. The two polling stations are located at El Arish Circuit.


Denying Supervisors from Entering Polling Stations:

North Sinai:

EOHR supervisors, at polling stations No. 25 and 26, reported the denial of a fellow supervisor from entering said polling stations, although he holds a valid permit from the higher electoral committee.


Violence and Use of Force:


EOHR supervisors witnessed a quarrel amongst the agents of two different parties, outside of polling station “El-Khansaa” School, Ein-Shams. The outburst of the quarrel was caused by the attempts of one of the parties to influence and direct voters through propaganda, leading to the intervention of security forces.



EOHR supervisors reported the outburst of more quarrels between the agents of different candidates, due to attempts of influencing voters, leading to the intervention of security forces and the annulment of agency contracts by a decision of the head of the electoral committee. This event took place at “Al-Hadeesa” School, Bandar Shebeen El-Kom.


Electoral Propaganda:


EOHR supervisors reported the use of laptops in favor of the candidate with electoral symbol (lamp), in order to influence and direct voters; this took place in front of “Mohamed Kamal Mari” School, El-Mahala El Kobra Center.



EOHR supervisors reported more electoral propaganda, as posters of an electoral candidate were advertised on a Tok-Tok,at “Mansheyet Abd El-Menem Reyad,” Shobra El Khema Circuit.


Kafr El-Sheikh:

EOHR supervisors reported more posters of electoral candidate with the (plane) symbol, advertised on mini-buses, in front of “Saad Sheta” Schools, Dosouk City.


EOHR supervisors reported more propaganda in favor of two electoral candidates, as their agents wore T-Shirts with their pictures and electoral symbols printed on them: the (pen), and the (hand palm). This violation took place in front of Kafr El-Bateekh Primary School.



Electoral Bribes:


In front of Kafr El Bateekh Primary School, agents of two electoral candidates, the (pen) and the (hand palm) symbols, distributed bribes estimated at a 100 Egyptian pounds per vote.

EOHR supervisors reported that an electoral candidate’s son, (lighthouse) symbol, distributed electoral bribes estimated at 500 to 2000 Egyptian pounds to brokers, and 300 Egyptian pounds to civilians per vote, all while sitting in a local coffee shop in “Ras El-Bar” district.


Kafr El-Sheikh:

EOHR supervisors reported the distribution of electoral bribes of 200 to 300 Egyptian Pounds per vote, in favor of candidates with the symbols (lion), (book), and (plane), outside of “Saad Sheta” Schools, Dosouk City.


Directing and Influencing Voters:


EOHR supervisors reported a candidate’s agent attempt to direct and influence voters through the distribution of electoral propaganda, outside of “El-Imaam El tounsi” School, El Khalifa Circuit.


Al Dakahleya:

EOHR supervisors reported an attempt by the agents of candidates’ with electoral symbols (plane), (canon), (pine tree), to direct and influence voters in favor of said candidates; these attempts took place in front of polling stations “Al Satamouni” Schools.


Al Sharqeya:

EOHR supervisors at polling station No.132 reported that the supervising head pressed charges against an employee inside the polling station for fraudulent paper ballots.


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