The Egyptian demands for immediate release to Islam Gawish

February 2nd, 2016 by Editor

The Egyptian demands for immediate release to Islam Gawish

 The Egyptian organization for human rights expresses about its for arresting Egyptian cartoonist Islam Gawish from his office and because his official Face book page which called Al-Warqa “the paper” and its posts for an anti –regime cartoon which published in Cairo international fair for book.

An interior ministry statement said that Islam Naaem  Ibhraim Mohamed Gawish was  publishing news without license and using pirated computer software.

The Egyptian organization represents as violation against human rights and international principles of thought and creativity which saved in the Egyptian constitution and international compacts which related to human rights.

The organization confirms all international standards violated by arrest of Islam Gawish and human rights according to article 19 paragraphs 2 from international declaration for human rights and confirm about importance of expression freedom, right of information by all forms of expression with paper or videos and articles, cartoons.

The Egyptian organization for human rights condemned the arrest, describing it as “flagrant violation of freedom of artistic activity from government”.

The Egyptian organization rejected violation against human rights or censorship of bloggers and journalists or cartoonists, the point of view and circulation of information.

Mr.Hafez abo seada confirms the importance of freedom of expression from one of human rights which related to international principles.

According to article 67 of Egypt’s 2014 constitution “no freedom restricting sanction may be inflicted for crimes committed because of the publicity of artistic, literary or intellectual product”.

Mr. Hafez Abo seada added that the violation against freedoms after two revolutions especially human rights and freedom of expression which related to international conventions.

Abo seada demands for instant release Islam Gawish and necessity of legal principles of freedoms and international conventions of human rights and freedom of journalism and freedom of expression in society after two revolutions 25 Jan. and 30 June.


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