Egyptian organization held conference about hopes and ambitious from parliament

February 3rd, 2016 by Editor

Egyptian organization held conference about hopes and ambitious from parliament

Egyptian organization for human rights Tuesday 9/2/2016 conference about “hopes and ambitious from parliament” at Pyramsia hotel in Dokki lotus hall with sharing parties leaders , human rights activities and doctors of universities.

Mr.Hafez abo seada confirmed that, after elections of parliament and ending emission of human right which related to human rights and adaptation laws issued by president in the parliament starting its work for a new legislation and monitoring the government. In this regards , there are in a tasks to the Egyptian legislation in the line with international convention on human rights this which related to censorship of government decisions.

He added the decisions of human rights which related to hopes and ambitions from parliament.

The members of conference who present: Mr. Mohamed Anwar al -sadat member of parliament and Mr. Saber Ammar general secretary for lawyers union, Yasser kasseb vice president for conservative party, Mr. Ahmed abd hafeez repeal lawyer and vice president for Egyptian human rights ,Mr.Bashery shalh general secretary for conservative party , Noor ELdeen constitutional expert.

Abdel majid Abdel Hafeez professor of general law at Bani sawif University and Farid Zahran leader of Egyptian social party and Mr.Ehab EL kholy member of parliament and Dr.Amany EL tawell expert at Ahram center for political and strategic studies, Mr. Assem Islam islambouli and Hussien abdel rizk leader of tagamuu party and Mr.Abdul Hamid professor of social science, representative of socialist syndicate and Esam shiha repeal lawyer and general secretary of Egyptian organization for human rights.





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