The Egyptian Organization for human Rights (EOHR) calls for drop down the charges against Negad Al-Bourai

March 5th, 2016 by Editor

On Thursday 03/03/2016, the north Giza pre-trial judge completed the fourth interrogation session with Negad Al-Bourai– rights lawyer, Attorneys at law, Legal Advisors and Human Rights Advocates-as he was charged for managing an organization (united group) without permission , inciting against the government and dissemination of information that could lead to jeopardize public security as a result of his submission of the bill on fight the crime of torture, hence The Egyptian Organization confirms that submitting a draft law isn’t criminalized and calls for an immediate close of this file.

Noteworthy that the united group addressed a letter to the president ” Abdel Fattah el-Sisi”, in early May 2015, and enclosed a thorough draft law to amend penal code and criminal processing code on combating torture and use of force and requesting  it to be issued as a code as soon as possible. That was during a workshop activities organized by The “United Group for Legal Consultation”, in March 2015, accordingly as a result of this request Al-Bourai was questioned.

The Egyptian Organization expresses its deep concern at the restriction policy applied on the human rights activists which represent a direct violation to the Right of association and the right of freedom of opinion and expression, those rights are guaranteed under the global conventions and treaties on human rights.

On his Part, Hafez Abu Seada, president of EOHR and member of Negad defense team, has emphasized the leading role taken by the civil society organizations in defending human rights and public freedoms during the prior period and their calling for safeguarding and maintaining human rights in addition to their proposed campaigns for human rights protection and one of them was the Abolition of Torture campaign under the title of “homeland without torture”. Accordingly, it’s obvious that those organizations are going to complete their leading path of defending the Egyptian citizen under the democratic transition period.

Abu Seada added that the state has to join the civil society organizations to protect human rights and have access to the reports, data and projects submitted by those organizations as a part of its role in protecting and respecting human rights and achieving the cherished democracy.

Abu Seada demanded the parliament to accelerate the enactment of a new law on organizing the relation between the civil society organizations and the state authorities and this relation should to be compatible with the global conventions and treaties on human rights and, mostly, the Egyptian Constitution that confirmed the freedom of association and assembly.


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