The Egyptian organization for human rights (EOHR) calls for a stay of the closure decision for El Nadeem Center for Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence

April 7th, 2016 by Editor

The Egyptian organization for human rights (EOHR) calls for a stay of the closure decision for El Nadeem Center for Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence

EOHR expresses its concern over the continuation of the restricting policies against the human rights defenders and activists. As those policies were reflected in the last incident of the closure decision of El Nadeem Center for Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence; consequently the EOHR calls for the change of the followed confrontational strategy with the civil society organizations for more liberating policies to the CSOs particularly human rights organizations.

It was noted that the office of Health affairs in Cairo had informed the Center’s quarter of the closure decision earlier before implementing the mentioned decision However, to date; the closure decision wasn’t implemented by the quarter or the utility police station because of the objection of some of the center’s staff to the implementation of that decision consequently a statement of facts was filled.

On the last Tuesday, in the morning, the closure attempt was repeated by the officials of Al Asbakia quarter along with the representatives of the ministry of foreign affairs .However the closure attempt was failed again due to the staff objection and refusal to evacuate the center which led to the filling of another statement of facts in Al Azbakia police station; to take the legal procedures regarding the implementation of that decision.

In this context, the EOHR believes that the Egyptian government should work seriously on adjusting and reviewing its policies towards the human rights defenders and pursuing a policy of opening to and encouragement of civil society activities.

Moreover, EOHR emphasized on the necessity of submitting the bill approved by all the civil society actors and respecting the principles of transparency and accountability.

The EOHR stressed on the adherence to the pledge conducted by the minister of Transitional Justice before the united nation as he confirmed the cessation of all the taken procedures against those CSOs and the enactment of a new law that facilitate their activities.

On his part, Abu Seada –president of the Egyptian Organization for human rights- confirmed that El Nadeem center plays an essential role in countering the violations against human rights particularly the criminal offence of torture as the center is working on the rehabilitation of Victims of Violence.

Additionally, Abu seada calls for a quick pass to the draft law of CSOs that organizing and governing the relation between the state and the civil society consistently with the Egyptian constitution and the conducted conventions on human rights that guaranteed the freedom of assembly and association.





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