The Egyptian organization for human rights (EOHR) calls for a quick release for the “Friday of the Land” demonstrators

April 17th, 2016 by Editor

[1]The Egyptian organization for human rights (EOHR) calls for a quick release for the “Friday of the Land” demonstrators

The EOHR expresses its concern towards the continuation of the arrest with pending investigation of the demonstrators participated in “Friday of Land” and calls upon the Egyptian government and the public prosecution to release the arrested demonstrators.

In this context, EOHR calls on the House of Representatives to modify the “demonstration” Law to allow the freedom of Assembly and Demonstration. This right is guaranteed under the global conventions and instruments on human rights and the Egyptian constitution Article no.73.

Most notably, there were a lot of spontaneous demonstrations took place against the decision of the delimitation of maritime boundaries between Egypt and Saudi Arabia which resulted in the annexation of “Sanafir” and “Tiran” islands to Saudi Arabia. Upon which a numerous protests were held against this decision, on 15/4/2016, and number of demonstrators were arrested as they were charged, by the general prosecution, with holding demonstrations without notification, disrupting public transport, blocking the roads and public disturbances.

In Addition, The names of the defendants were mentioned as “Mohamed Badr”,” Aser Abd Al halim”, ”Ahmed Muhammad”, ”Ahmed Muhammad”, Omar Ismail”, “Mohamed Arby”, “Adhm Samir”, “Mohamed Kotb” ,”Mohammed Gamal”, “Ismail Gamal Abd Al Fatah”, “Younis Mohammad”, “Aly Abd Al Monem”, “Mohamed Amer”, “Ahmed Al said”, “Ayman Magdy”, ”Khaled Gamal”, “Khaled Abd Al Fatah”, “Moustafa Gamal”, “Shrief Safwat”, “Muhammad Ahmed”, “ Anas Atia”, “Amir Khaled”, ”Shrief Hossam”, “ Mahmoud Ahmed”, “Khaled Moustafa” and “Khaled Ayman”.

EOHR confirm that the right of peaceful assembly is guaranteed according to the global conventions on human rights; it also was guaranteed under the Article no.73 of the Egyptian constitution which states “Citizens have the right to organize public meetings, marches, demonstrations and all forms  of  peaceful  protest,  while  not  carrying  weapons  of  any  type,  upon  providing notification as regulated by law. The  right  to  peaceful,  private  meetings  is  guaranteed,  without  the  need  for  prior notification.   Security   forces   may   not   to   attend,   monitor   or   eavesdrop   on   such gatherings”. Also this right was stated in the global conventions ratified by Egypt for Example the Article no 21 of the international covenant on civil and political rights, Article no.20 of the universal declaration on human rights and the Article no.11 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Consequently, EOHR advocates that the Egyptian government should present a modification to the law no.107/2013 on organizing the public gatherings to the House of Representatives; because it includes some provisions restricting the Egyptians’ right of peaceful Assembly.

On his part, Hafez Abu Seada –the president of EOHR- has confirmed that the demonstration law contradicts with the commitments and conventions signed by Arab republic of Egypt. It also contradicts with the Egyptian constitution radically as the Egyptian constitution guaranteed the right to peaceful demonstration therefore this law has to be modified and all the legal obligations of this law should be suspended as a decision pending law.

During the translation process of this statement the mentioned defendants were presented before specialized magistrate and their custody were renewed for 15 days in the presence of number of lawyers including the EOHR lawyers.

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